Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arizona Roomfull

Wow someone is way behind on her blog and that would be me. Sorry.  Here is picture of me and Renee  at a really good pizza restaurant that we went to in Scottsdale. Renee doesn't really like this picture of her but she is somewhat picky. I think she looks good. Thanks Renee for letting me put this picture on my blog.

Anyway, Renee has the most amazing old and artsie stuff in her house. It was a wonderful adventure of treasure hunting as I discovered so many beautiful things to photograph and oogle over everywhere I wandered. Here is a sample of her white dress collection for small folks and just part of her suitcase collection. She needs to produce a book called Household Objects. Actually, she really does have a cool book coming out any day now on schoolhouse sewing and quilting projects. I better stop rambling about her before she gets upset- just one more thing, Sorry Renee that I  didn't take any pictures of your cute dogs. It wasn't intentional.

School started today. It was a good day and fun to see all the new and old faces. I'll be back soon with Pam Garrison class info, although I realized today I don't think I created very much in the class. Still I love Pam. She is constantly inspiring me. My new project is to practice my lettering everyday. You know starting tomorrow... 


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

I don't know Renee but that is a great picture of you!! Love those suitcases, gotta get me some of those (fall antique shows are coming up).

laurie said...

i sure am familiar with that phrase "starting tomorrow"! here's to another great school year. :-)