Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full not oh art journal pages

So sorry for the long wait for this post. I have been trying to finish some Pam Garrison pages that I started in her class, but haven't completed them . The pages in my book are big and I am having a hard time converting to Pam's style. I know my style is me and that is what I will ultimately stick to but I wanted to challenge myself and try to make a page (or two) like her. I am stumped. (Which is okay) So here is what I have so far.

You can tell that this page is so much more me than Pam. I loved watching Pam easily write out anything in her beautiful handwriting. It was amazing.  Hopefully next time these pages will be finished but no promises. School has begun and they are keeping me busy with 8 classes a day. Perhaps that's why I could easily call it a night at 5 PM.

It was great seeing Lorraine and Renee at the Pam Garrison class. I spent Saturday at the beach watching the waves and surfers. It was really beautiful and calming. On Sunday I got a green juice concoction at the health food store which tempted me to purchase a juicer. So far so good. That juice bar had some amazing smoothies mixtures. One cost $16.50 for a glass.

Also saw this nice and shiny Airstream. I am wondering if I should follow what I love and buy one. I love these trailers and somewhat lust to have one. Even when I was a child I loved campers. I think I only played with my Barbies because they had a cool camper. So maybe... An air stream art studio would be the best.
Okay I have to  click publish because I somehow have a draft copy of this posting already up and I want to get rid of it. (after just seeing a preview of this  "new" posting, it looks like I have a mess on my hands- sorry about formatting etc. I am not sure I even have a title. The title is Full not oh art journal pages.
Hope everyone is well and crafty.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arizona Roomfull

Wow someone is way behind on her blog and that would be me. Sorry.  Here is picture of me and Renee  at a really good pizza restaurant that we went to in Scottsdale. Renee doesn't really like this picture of her but she is somewhat picky. I think she looks good. Thanks Renee for letting me put this picture on my blog.

Anyway, Renee has the most amazing old and artsie stuff in her house. It was a wonderful adventure of treasure hunting as I discovered so many beautiful things to photograph and oogle over everywhere I wandered. Here is a sample of her white dress collection for small folks and just part of her suitcase collection. She needs to produce a book called Household Objects. Actually, she really does have a cool book coming out any day now on schoolhouse sewing and quilting projects. I better stop rambling about her before she gets upset- just one more thing, Sorry Renee that I  didn't take any pictures of your cute dogs. It wasn't intentional.

School started today. It was a good day and fun to see all the new and old faces. I'll be back soon with Pam Garrison class info, although I realized today I don't think I created very much in the class. Still I love Pam. She is constantly inspiring me. My new project is to practice my lettering everyday. You know starting tomorrow... 

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Nope, I'm not in Paris, but with
My Paris friend Renee. I went to visit her in Arizona. It was really great. We took two jewelry classes taught by Diana Frey. Here is what I made:

And this necklace. Here is the choker part. I haven't attached the bezel yet but it will be one if these below. Which do you think would look better?

Next posting will be of Renee's beautiful house. About to get on my plane headed home.
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