Sunday, July 31, 2011

Way too full of Peerless

My friend Cynthia and I got a bit Peerless crazed in Portugal after we saw Jane ( using them while practically walking. I happened to have some so we made a pallette of them but didn't use them very much.

Then I even ordered more colors, sent more to Cynthia and still no use, so this Saturday we decided to have peerless watercolor paper painting day and post on Monday. My rabbits actually took two days to finish. Can't wait to see what Cynthia has created. Check out her blog (sorry can't figure out how to link from my phone) to find out. I know I will.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scrap fulls on my desk

I have been busy working in my two art journals today. This small journal is my everyday journal, but the pages are a bit tiny to expand my ideas. Some times I feel very crowded working in it. On the other hand it is easy to lug around. I love Teesha's girls. They remind me of myself when I was younger.
This page is from the journal I started in Portugal. This is one page from a three page spread I am working on.
I even had time to go to the beach this weekend. It was windy but hot, a good mix if you remember to bring a clip for your hair.
Raining today so no beach. I have to drill holes in my little resin pieces that I made last week. I'll show you them next time. Ciao bellas.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Half operable and Full of ideas

I have finally been busy working on some journal pages from my mini trips. This one is from Tampa/St. Petersburg.

A few days later I went to Orlando for a wedding. Lots of rain there but still a good time.
It was a long drive after that to Spruce Pines, NC but I loved being out in the country. On the last day I woke up at 5 am to go to the flea market in Pickens, South Carolina. It wasn't quite like the markets in Portugal. Lots of Wonder bread and drugstore items available there.

Glad to be home for awhile. Loads of projects to work on. Thanks for visiting. Xxoo
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Full of driving

I have been too busy traveling to do any art work. I have been carting everything around and finally started something an hour ago. This is mostly from Portugal.
I am back from Tampa and Orlando but now I am here:

Spruce Pine, NC for an art teacher retreat. It is very pretty, green and serene here but I am looking forward to getting back home soon- working on art and helping Chloe with her driving (and shopping I assume...)
Hope you are all having some good summer times.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TOO full of Portugo

Ah this was the best place for me in Portugal. After a few days of not seeing any breathtaking beach (my favorite) we arrived at this beach around 5 PM. There were even beautiful sand dunes which I captured in black and white on one of Tracy's fun cameras. I was so happy to be on this beach that I had to dance around. Tracy managed to capture my excitement in a series of beach pictures. In fact the guy always took a great picture of me. (It was a bit windy there- hence the billowy shirt action.)
This was a calm beach closer to where we were staying. I do like the shadows of the palm tress on the sand but this isn't really my kind of beach.
Cynthia and I (well really Cynthia) managed to find this old abandoned mansion we kept passing by on our taxi rides. We walked up and took some great photos. The graffiti in this case really did not add much to the building. Maybe I can photo shop it off, especially the smiley place. There is ivy growing out of windows and it just looks like the best place for exploring and picture taking. It was fenced in and we didn't want to end up in a Portugal jail(we kind of had a preview of what it could be like) , but we both knew Tracy would have figured out how to get inside.
Still working on this page. Haven't really done any art work, but most of the others on the trip have at least filled up their little Portugal passports. I have been on the go to Tampa/St. Pete and tomorrow Orlando, Florida. I bring a lot of art stuff with me but never get to it. I love walking around new places, and than it's dinner and some wine, and before you know it it's a new day of walking and exploring. Hopefully in Orlando. Really want to finish some of this journal.
Still more Portugal pictures to show.