Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just half full

Hi Friends,
I finished coloring in my people doodles and copying them so I am ready to make stuff with them. My big hope is to free motion sew some of them. I think they would look cute as fabric people. Meanwhile they are very handy to have around for collages. Hope you had a great week. Mine went well. Still taking Little Miss (who is not too little) out to practice her parallel parking. That is her only problem and quite honestly there isn't too much parallel parking going on in Charleston. Anyway hopefully she will pass the test this week. Then we get to open the bigger can of worms called, " I want a car."

I've laid these pieces out to try and make a bracelet. I have a piece of leather, a silk ribbon, lace, and velvet pieces. As soon as it all comes together I'll show you what I have come up with.
Flowers flowers I love flowers.
What are you guys up to this week? Let me know.


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see your bracelet. God luck to Chloe on her parallel parking. I had a hard time with it too until I moved to seattle.

PaperPumpkin said...

This is my last FULL 5-day week with students, so...I am counting down and busily trying to finish everything I want to finish, while at the same time, trying to start and get through the new things like Father's Day gifts and Flag Day tomorrow (with my class presenting.) Ack! Happy creating to you!

jone hallmark said...

Great bracelet pieces! Love the velvety piece - yum!

Good luck to Chloe on the parking.
The trick is to go past the place you wish to park in and be just next to the car in front of your place. Put the car in reverse and as you pass the car in front, cut the wheel til the back of your car is centered on the right headlight of the car behind you. Continue to go in reverse until the front of your car passes the car in front, then immediately cut the wheel back to to left to "fit" in just in front of that car behind. Works almost every, single time without fail.

I'll be thinking about her....
and you, Taylor!
Oh, what is your new address?