Sunday, June 19, 2011

jet lagful

Guess where I have sneaked off to...

So far the weather is great- haven't seen much yet but beautiful flowers. Today only photos to show but tomorrow the art begins with Teesha and Tracy.Plenty of art to blog.
All I need now is to learn how to say ooh la la in Portuguese.
Be back soon.

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laurie said...

oh, i am so jealous! have a fabulous time and let us all know the details of your trip. :-)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Have FUN!

Lisa said...

Um...what? You are in Portugal? Have safe and can't wait to see pictures

PaperPumpkin said...

You went! I dreamed of going to this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Portugal! It was a fave place of ours in 1984...Lisbon. Have fun! Be safe! Create! Send photos of your work in Teesha's class! Yay for you!