Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half listening to directions?

Ut oh someone didn't follow Teesha's directions when making the cover to their journal. As I said, I love Teesha's style but it will never be me. Not sure about the aesthetics of this cover but it sure makes me laugh. The glasses are removable and I am going to make a glasses case inside the front cover flap.
So here is what I got. Not much. The cigar box in the back is very old (according to the flea market vendor). It is quite beautiful, Thanks Jane (Can't seem to link to Jane but it is for not buying it. Cynthia and I bought a zillion religious cards and split them. Not sure what I will do with them all. Might be time for a give away soon. Small photo album had some very nice portraits of women. One even looked a little like me.

These are my two favorite photos that I took on the trip. Lots more photos to show. Laying low at home. Chloe is out of town on a camping trip. (Camping, Chloe? Yeah that's what I said too)
Back soon. xxoo


PaperPumpkin said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to more Portugal memories from you!!

jone hallmark said...

Oh Taylor, I love the glasses - a LOT!
And, what a surprise that you leapt off to Portugal - yay!
I think that your pages in the new journal are great! The beginning parts look so fresh and I like as they are getting finished.....your colors are bright and cheerful and I can really see that you are happier - all 'round.

So nice that you got off to a faraway place.
Sue and I have been talking about regretting not going to France this year......sigh......oh well.....

Love to you and may the rest of your summer be filled with new inspiration!
Stay in touch.....

Jane Davenport | Artomologist said...

Ratay! Why did you need to remind me of the tobacco box?!! I'm still recovering from were a highlight!