Saturday, June 4, 2011

Half Blind

Hello Bloglies,
It is finally here! Summer vacation. OOh I love it more than words can express, but this year I seem to be faced with a dilemma which I am a bit timid to admit but in the hopes of rescue I shall spill the beans. I am in desperate need of some friends to pal around with in my Charleston area. If you know of anyone who would like to be friends with this introvert of a gal please let me know. I don't think I have too many odd qualities- just don't know where to meet friends (not looking for "dates").

I hope this blog makes sense once I press publish. I had to get a higher prescription on my glasses and was not happy with the frame choices (Million dollar question: how can people who can not see, successfully pick out new frames anyway? ) so I am just upgrading my current frames. Consequently they needed my glasses for about 10 (!) days. I am using an old pair from when I didn't think progressive lens did anything. Oh was I wrong. Honestly my nose is about 5 inches away from the screen and I still can't see.
Lucky me, one of my students found out where I live and has been bringing the gang by everyday to visit. I don't mind but I don't want them to start ringing the door and running and shenanigans like that. Tradd even commented, "Would you be mad if your house was TPed?" Next they want to come in and see my TV. I didn't know that would be the main attraction.

As you can see I am missing Italy a bit and have been drinking some of the limoncello I got in Positano (I have since received another bottle, so I figure I better use one). I almost feel like I am back there with my little frozen shot glass after dinner. Don't worry, it's only one shot a day and not everyday. In the picture the yellow is lemony-er and the green limee-er.
I can see (barely) I have many typos to fix so I better attend to that. Hope your weekend is balmy. Please send your friends my way if they live near me.


jone hallmark said...

Your drawings and the wit in your words is pretty attractive, Taylor. Surely there is someone in South Carolina who needs a pal just like YOU!!
I will light my magic candle for keep your eyes and ears (and heart) open so you will know when you find 'em!

Your summer is going to be wonderful, even if you stay home and explore all the things you have "always wanted to try".......

PaperPumpkin said...

I LOVE limoncello! Love it! I too have had little frozen shots after being in the North End of Boston (Little Italy) again recently! Happy Happy Summer Vacation! (No, mine starting on June 25th doesn't have to do with snow just IS. Oh well) Live it up for me!