Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half way spotted this week

Spotted in my brain: confusion.
Spotted in Georgia: an entire sock monkey family.
Spotted in my classroom: a fabric sock monkey.
Spotted in Seattle: more lovelies from Maxine's. Jone you have to go. Look there are your mushrooms.
Last days of school this week. It has gone pretty quickly. Not sure what I will do this summer. I guess there are many possibilities. I am lucky to be given such a big chunk of time, which is probably just what I need right now in my life, at least I hope so. Enjoy your week.


laurie said...

i love the confusions page in your journal - the veil over her eyes is so clever. i know just how she is feeling! we got out of school over a week ago but i had to move classrooms, go to meetings, and am helping paint a mural in one of our hallways so i haven't really started my summer yet! you know how that goes. :-)

PaperPumpkin said...

I think we teachers need some time off now...we give so much of ourselves...My first day of summer vacation isn't until June 25th. Have a good week! ~kath

jone hallmark said...

I wish that I WAS going to get up to Seattle. Things changed and my plans did, too. However, I will go again at some point and certainly intend to go to Maxine's!
That photo with the toadstools is yummy!
Sorry there is still some confusion in your brain (!)
Maybe SUMMER will cure all that.
Hope you can enjoy just "being" in your new place.... and trying all kinds of fun things that you think about doing. What a luxury, hunh?
You could go to St Louis this weekend for the Mary Engelbreit workshop. My friend, Charlotte Lyons is teaching - should be fun.

Take care and set some new goals...have a good time wherever you end up this summer, Taylor.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

A LOT of confusion here too....
Keep on with your journaling and plan for some creative projects and your summer will be GREAT!
I have two more weeks in school ....
Miss you too