Saturday, May 21, 2011

half and half

Seem to have a lot of journal working time and motivation these days. I have been busy. I think this small journal lends itself to short thoughts and many pages. I did 6 pages this week! OOh I may be catching up with Kelly.

Worked on these silly drawings while testing a few weeks ago. We weren't suppose to do anything but watch the kids taking their tests, but I couldn't just stare at them so I snuck in some drawing. Going to finish coloring them in and than work on different projects using these drawing friends.

Beach time again yesterday. The waves were calm and I enjoyed the ocean sounds. No cute dogs to watch. Maybe next time.
Next weekend I am visiting my friend Jill on the Georgia coast so I will have new beaches to explore. We are going to do art stuff too. I'll even bring my camera. Maybe I'll have a beach summer. Thought about going everyday and taking a picture each day and thinking of one thought, lesson, etc learned during the beach encounter- like a beach blog. Yesterday's lesson was maybe don't wear a skirt on a windy day unless you have nice undies on.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

1 comment:

jone hallmark said...

your little portraits really inspire me, Taylor.
Guess it is time for a little "people watching" on my part, too.
thanks for the spark!