Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half way spotted this week

Spotted in my brain: confusion.
Spotted in Georgia: an entire sock monkey family.
Spotted in my classroom: a fabric sock monkey.
Spotted in Seattle: more lovelies from Maxine's. Jone you have to go. Look there are your mushrooms.
Last days of school this week. It has gone pretty quickly. Not sure what I will do this summer. I guess there are many possibilities. I am lucky to be given such a big chunk of time, which is probably just what I need right now in my life, at least I hope so. Enjoy your week.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

half and half

Seem to have a lot of journal working time and motivation these days. I have been busy. I think this small journal lends itself to short thoughts and many pages. I did 6 pages this week! OOh I may be catching up with Kelly.

Worked on these silly drawings while testing a few weeks ago. We weren't suppose to do anything but watch the kids taking their tests, but I couldn't just stare at them so I snuck in some drawing. Going to finish coloring them in and than work on different projects using these drawing friends.

Beach time again yesterday. The waves were calm and I enjoyed the ocean sounds. No cute dogs to watch. Maybe next time.
Next weekend I am visiting my friend Jill on the Georgia coast so I will have new beaches to explore. We are going to do art stuff too. I'll even bring my camera. Maybe I'll have a beach summer. Thought about going everyday and taking a picture each day and thinking of one thought, lesson, etc learned during the beach encounter- like a beach blog. Yesterday's lesson was maybe don't wear a skirt on a windy day unless you have nice undies on.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

half glad

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine started out wonderful on Friday with a movie, jasmine smelling and good talks and laughs. Saturday was great too, going to the farmer's market, eating a delicious mini salad with feta cheese and walnuts and just hanging out with a great friend. I think we both had a good time despite unpredictable weather, lives, and circumstances.
I finished my bracelet but don't think it came out that well. The glass beads are too big for my wrist and it's all topsy turvy. OOps I forgot to show you the other side with the stone. Maybe next time. Wonder what shall happen to it. Definitely a man's bracelet but would a man even wear such a thing?
I went to the beach yesterday at at round 6 PM. The tide was very high and there were white caps galore. It was quite invigorating and reminded me that I need to get outside more and walk around to enjoy the beauty of South Carolina. The wind was whipping around and then I got behind some shrubs and it settled. It was comforting here hearing the wind and knowing how something as small as those shrubs could protect me. I took pictures, but somehow I guess I didn't. At least this picture came out and reminds me of my time spent there. Windy yet calm.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

half energy level

Hello hello,
Here is another picture from Maxine's in Seattle. Love the colors. The baby doll almost looks like she is flying.

This page doesn't look so great here. Color pencil doesn't seem to show well unless I go in and saturate color etc and I forgot- sorry. I got a little Pam Garrison crazy here and started cutting out all the do-dads from her wrapping paper. She is my doodling diva.
Deciding I better buckle down. I am using a lot of non working time in not the best way and I could accomplish a lot more if I would just get started on things so I am hoping I will start doing that. First step is threading my needles so I can just start sewing at a moments notice.
Going to send my old journal to Somerset Studio for the Art Journaling magazine. Cross your fingers.
Chloe made me this (well actually she made it in art and thought hmm I can give mom this for Mother's Day) and I really like it. She does some great things in art class. Wish she wanted to take more art classes. Alas, maybe in college...
So it's time to say good-bye until next time. Have a great week. xxoo