Saturday, April 23, 2011

probably only HALF of what I got in Seattle

Looks like Spring Break is just about over. I'm afraid I didn't do too many things on my wish list so if you are in the same boat don't feel too bad. Today I did manage to go to the beach with Riley. Dogs were having a very good time.
So here is what I bought in Seattle minus some.
4 sheets of Pam Garrison wrapping paper.
This cool Jesse Reno silkscreen print. Even though I love all his colors I like the focus of just two colors here. This was bought at the Artfest vendor night. Hope to frame it soon. It's still stretching on the table from being rolled up.
Little things picture. let's see: granola, two packages of velvet scrap fabric, several Japanese books- the rest will be here in a while, they had a detour at Renee's house, striped Japanese tape, a stamp set that had a vespa in it, also a Nathelie Lete photo book and some velvety clothes that are not pictured.
Last, I bought this necklace at artfest from Nina, one of my favorite artists and these bags came with some if the Japanese books I bought.

Don't forget the head from Maxine's and assorted ribbon and buttons and ice cream. So it seems plenty of, too much indulgence on my part.
Yeah that's enough show and tell. Next time more art I hope. Back to school on Monday. Oh boy gotta get into the groove. Hope you are all well and humming.


PaperPumpkin said...

Looks like some fun here! My vacation is almost over too...I wish vacation was AFTER Easter instead of the week before. It puts strain on Easter Day when it shouldn't, you know? But, I had a good week. Good luck to you in the coming week...k

Jill Holmes said...

I don't know. Can you ever be too self-indulgent while on vacation? I think not! (No,I have not posted yet but hope to soon. And I haven't fully unpacked my suitcase either. It has been non-stop since I got of the plane coming back...)

jone hallmark said...

what a GREAT haul!
I am envious of your time there.
I am supposed to go to Seattle late next month - send names of places where I should visit, okay?

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

You did at least write your plans down...
.....for the Easter vacation....
that's not bad:)

When does your summer vacation start?
Have a great weekend