Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old halves

Whoops someone didn't do too much art this week except oogling over magazines. Luckily I do have some oldies to show. This is a page from Silver Bella. I had my teachers write on the pages as well as my journaling about the weekend. I love the pink and cupcakeness of Silver Bella.

Next is a page of people doodles. Do you think my style has changed(notice I didn't write advanced) in three years or so? Hmm I am thinking it is still pretty much the same.

These are some pages I painted awhile ago. I love them but the pages stick together(no water added to my paint). Not sure what to put on top of them either. Which reminds me. I pre-painted some of the pages in the journal my students are using and none of the kids want to use those pages. I might have to do a demo about working on a non white page.

Getting ready for Artfest. Have to pack. Leaving Tuesday AM. OOH OOh I can't wait. Japanese book store and the best ice cream here I come. Also get to see so many friends. That is the best part. Looking forward to taking a bracelet class from Nina. Yes I am trying a jewelry class again.
Look at these shoes. I am no longer a small fry when I wear them, but still getting used to the walk. Chloe has critiqued the walk and I think on a scale of 1-10- ten being beauty pageant walker, I might be a 2 if I am lucky according to expert Chloe. She only suggested I buy the shoes so she could have them. I should have known.
Have a great week while I am gone. I'll have lots to show when I return. Maybe even my bracelet.

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