Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Full of Seattle

Back from Seattle and Artfest. Had a great time with my friends as usual.
I had plane trouble on Tuesday but managed to get to Seattle just in time for Lorraine and I to go to Maxine's where I took this picture of a beautiful wood carved woman. I love her and the bird's nest hat. Other pictures from Maxine's are available if you are interested.
The next day, after more heavy shopping, we arrived in Port Townsend where Artfest is held. It was a cold evening and our room had no heat or even a heater. (Whoops Lorraine, we forgot to take a picture of that memorable room.) We didn't even get a trash can. We did manage the three nights with the help of a borrowed sleeping bag and quilt. Luckily the weather warmed up a bit so our room lost some of it's chill.

On Thursday I took this bracelet class with Nina Bagley. The beads look plastic in the photo, but they really are recycled glass beads from Africa. The stone was found on the beach in Port Townsend. I enjoyed the class and have almost finished my bracelet. I can't wait to wear it. Only two band aids were needed.

That night Lorraine, Renee and I went to the journal party in a little hut by the beach. It is very cosy and dark there. Happily we ran into Jill and she let me use her new sparkle markers in my journal (a later blog showing). We waited for Lisa but she was busy socializing in the dorm.
The next day I took a wonderful black and white painting class with Misty Mawn. I will post pictures of my book next time. Renee and Jill were in the class too which made it extra fun.
The last day I took a painting and college class with Roxanne Padgett. This is one of the pieces I made. There are a few more as well that I have almost finished up.
Sadly on Sunday we had to go home.
Stay tuned soon for more on the Washington treasures I bought, the black and white book, and more. Have a great week. Hope I can unpack before it is over. Next week is spring break, Too bad I am not going anywhere then I wouldn't even have to unpack. Be back soon.


jone hallmark said...

Sooooo exciting to hear about your trip. I have been wondering and meaning to get in touch to ask you if it was all you anticipated. I LOVE the photo of all of you and Taylor, you look SOOOOooo H A P P Y !!!!!
Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.


Lisa said...

Way to finish that bracelet Taylor! It was great to see you.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

It seems like a perfect creative trip, exciting to try different techniques and to get new inspiration.
Want to see more of what you did:)

Will you go to the Dottie Angel workshop???
Talk soon again

Diane Foster said...

Taylor I need to go to Maxine's!!! What fabulous stuff - mind you better if i dont Id need a shipping container! You look soooo happy in the picture - isnt creativity and being with like-minded folks joyful! xxdi