Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full of Mozart

Well it's just me and Mozart tonight. Got carried away taking pictures of things today with the help of the music so I have this blog posting and another one for the weekend ready for action. I guess I need to listen to Mozart more often to increase my motivation.
I bought this beautiful head at Maxine's in Seattle and she is lucky enough to wear this bracelet my friend Danielle made as a crown. Check out Danielle's blog and her etsy site to see her creations http://www.ragtale.blogspot.com
This is a cool collage I made at Artfest. I love the face. The magazine model is part of the picture too. The flowered paper below the feet is some wrapping paper we bought created by my favorite artist Pam Garrison. http://pamgarrison.typepad.com It's just under the collage being unrolled. OOh I just checked and Pam's sampler fabric is back on her etsy site. I better hurry and finish this posting so I can get one before they are sold out again.
You missed this dinner tonight. Don't worry, Chloe ditched me too- not that she would have eaten it. I thought it was pretty good: cod, baked potato, and a mix of spinach, onions, and mushrooms. Tasted better than it looks, but thought I should document my eating habits when I go all out.
Fantasy journal drawing of me in my pink kayak. Ha that will be the day. Okay off to order the sampler. Next post is What didn't I buy in Seattle? See you soon.


PaperPumpkin said...

So much fun! Love your journaling about it all, and your photos!

laurie said...

yes, a pink kayak would be so much fun! isn't it great that we get to try out so many things in our journals?!?