Saturday, April 30, 2011

More than half in love with orange

I love these pinch pots that the second graders made. I think it was the color selection. The orange makes me so happy. I had to make my own after I saw how these came out. The colors are even more vivid (and shiny as the kids keep saying) in person, but these pots have already eagerly been taken home. I haven't loved orange this much since I asked my mom if I could paint my walls orange as a child( answer: no.) The other classes used different glaze colors which came out nice too but not like these winners.

The jasmine smell is still enveloping me with calm. Every time I go outside it is there to welcome me. My new neighborhood should have been called something like Jasmine Hollow.

Alas my fellow teachers have corrected me that now we have 5 weeks left of school. I can not believe I have no travel plans this summer. Well... I am going to AZ in August which will be fun since I get to stay with my favorite Renee, but no 12 hours on an airplane trips and sifting through different languages and/or currency. There are many choices, but not sure why nothing is materializing. Who knows maybe I'll go to Italy at the last moment. You can never go wrong in Italy.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

probably only HALF of what I got in Seattle

Looks like Spring Break is just about over. I'm afraid I didn't do too many things on my wish list so if you are in the same boat don't feel too bad. Today I did manage to go to the beach with Riley. Dogs were having a very good time.
So here is what I bought in Seattle minus some.
4 sheets of Pam Garrison wrapping paper.
This cool Jesse Reno silkscreen print. Even though I love all his colors I like the focus of just two colors here. This was bought at the Artfest vendor night. Hope to frame it soon. It's still stretching on the table from being rolled up.
Little things picture. let's see: granola, two packages of velvet scrap fabric, several Japanese books- the rest will be here in a while, they had a detour at Renee's house, striped Japanese tape, a stamp set that had a vespa in it, also a Nathelie Lete photo book and some velvety clothes that are not pictured.
Last, I bought this necklace at artfest from Nina, one of my favorite artists and these bags came with some if the Japanese books I bought.

Don't forget the head from Maxine's and assorted ribbon and buttons and ice cream. So it seems plenty of, too much indulgence on my part.
Yeah that's enough show and tell. Next time more art I hope. Back to school on Monday. Oh boy gotta get into the groove. Hope you are all well and humming.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full of Mozart

Well it's just me and Mozart tonight. Got carried away taking pictures of things today with the help of the music so I have this blog posting and another one for the weekend ready for action. I guess I need to listen to Mozart more often to increase my motivation.
I bought this beautiful head at Maxine's in Seattle and she is lucky enough to wear this bracelet my friend Danielle made as a crown. Check out Danielle's blog and her etsy site to see her creations
This is a cool collage I made at Artfest. I love the face. The magazine model is part of the picture too. The flowered paper below the feet is some wrapping paper we bought created by my favorite artist Pam Garrison. It's just under the collage being unrolled. OOh I just checked and Pam's sampler fabric is back on her etsy site. I better hurry and finish this posting so I can get one before they are sold out again.
You missed this dinner tonight. Don't worry, Chloe ditched me too- not that she would have eaten it. I thought it was pretty good: cod, baked potato, and a mix of spinach, onions, and mushrooms. Tasted better than it looks, but thought I should document my eating habits when I go all out.
Fantasy journal drawing of me in my pink kayak. Ha that will be the day. Okay off to order the sampler. Next post is What didn't I buy in Seattle? See you soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Only full of black and white

This is the black and white book I started in Misty's class at Artfest. I have not written anything in it yet and it isn't finished (what is?) but I knew if I waited until I finished it you may never see it. I carved this stamp of me and Chloe. It's from a picture that is on my blog, but Chloe looks a lot older in this version. can you find the Eiffel tower stamp that i carved? I really love working in black and white. There was some amazing work in this class.
Spring break has begun and I am so glad about that. Somehow I managed to wake up at 6:30 AM today in celebration, I guess.
I am so proud that my lovely Chloe was selected to be in the high school art show. Her collage turned out really nice. She even had some shading in her picture. Ah if only she were interested in the visual arts- or any of the arts...
I guess I need to get busy soon and finish my bracelet. Pictures next time of what I managed to purchase in Seattle. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Full of Seattle

Back from Seattle and Artfest. Had a great time with my friends as usual.
I had plane trouble on Tuesday but managed to get to Seattle just in time for Lorraine and I to go to Maxine's where I took this picture of a beautiful wood carved woman. I love her and the bird's nest hat. Other pictures from Maxine's are available if you are interested.
The next day, after more heavy shopping, we arrived in Port Townsend where Artfest is held. It was a cold evening and our room had no heat or even a heater. (Whoops Lorraine, we forgot to take a picture of that memorable room.) We didn't even get a trash can. We did manage the three nights with the help of a borrowed sleeping bag and quilt. Luckily the weather warmed up a bit so our room lost some of it's chill.

On Thursday I took this bracelet class with Nina Bagley. The beads look plastic in the photo, but they really are recycled glass beads from Africa. The stone was found on the beach in Port Townsend. I enjoyed the class and have almost finished my bracelet. I can't wait to wear it. Only two band aids were needed.

That night Lorraine, Renee and I went to the journal party in a little hut by the beach. It is very cosy and dark there. Happily we ran into Jill and she let me use her new sparkle markers in my journal (a later blog showing). We waited for Lisa but she was busy socializing in the dorm.
The next day I took a wonderful black and white painting class with Misty Mawn. I will post pictures of my book next time. Renee and Jill were in the class too which made it extra fun.
The last day I took a painting and college class with Roxanne Padgett. This is one of the pieces I made. There are a few more as well that I have almost finished up.
Sadly on Sunday we had to go home.
Stay tuned soon for more on the Washington treasures I bought, the black and white book, and more. Have a great week. Hope I can unpack before it is over. Next week is spring break, Too bad I am not going anywhere then I wouldn't even have to unpack. Be back soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old halves

Whoops someone didn't do too much art this week except oogling over magazines. Luckily I do have some oldies to show. This is a page from Silver Bella. I had my teachers write on the pages as well as my journaling about the weekend. I love the pink and cupcakeness of Silver Bella.

Next is a page of people doodles. Do you think my style has changed(notice I didn't write advanced) in three years or so? Hmm I am thinking it is still pretty much the same.

These are some pages I painted awhile ago. I love them but the pages stick together(no water added to my paint). Not sure what to put on top of them either. Which reminds me. I pre-painted some of the pages in the journal my students are using and none of the kids want to use those pages. I might have to do a demo about working on a non white page.

Getting ready for Artfest. Have to pack. Leaving Tuesday AM. OOH OOh I can't wait. Japanese book store and the best ice cream here I come. Also get to see so many friends. That is the best part. Looking forward to taking a bracelet class from Nina. Yes I am trying a jewelry class again.
Look at these shoes. I am no longer a small fry when I wear them, but still getting used to the walk. Chloe has critiqued the walk and I think on a scale of 1-10- ten being beauty pageant walker, I might be a 2 if I am lucky according to expert Chloe. She only suggested I buy the shoes so she could have them. I should have known.
Have a great week while I am gone. I'll have lots to show when I return. Maybe even my bracelet.