Saturday, March 26, 2011

Small pages full

Another day with my sewing machine sitting idle on the table. Not sure why I am not playing with it as I expected. Things are going well here. Journal pages are slowly dancing with color instead of black and white. The first page has me and my mom sitting on the big chairs.

Here is my new working desk. Look how big and clean it is compared to the previous table. It is very inviting to have so much more space to work on.

Gathering for Artfest.
Softened up that clay just a bit with tons of water. It is hard work chunking off clay pieces from a 25 pound block of semi hard clay. Most students got there clay blob formed into a pinch pot without too much cracking. Unfortunately my artist who made the practice kitchen pot was not able to turn his clay into anything and gave up. I was sad about that. Fifth graders did some very amusing portraits of me. I'll try and post one or two next time.


PaperPumpkin said...

I really like your pages! Very creative! I often wish I had a sister, too...

jone hallmark said...

I did not have sisters growing up either, but got pretty lucky in the sister-in-law department - 2 on my side and two more on Cullen's side. BUT, the best are the sisters we call "friends" because we chose each other.
Don't regret it, Taylor - you have some pretty lovely "sistah" friends (and it'll only get better cause you are taking extra-special care of yourself these days!


Renee said...

Oh MY GOSH - I LOVE your new journal pages - I want to be one of your chosen sisters! I didn't get any by birth either. : )

laurie said...

i love your journaling pages! do you use a glue stick or something else to adhere the pictures to the paper? i am very lucky to have a sister - she is my anchor. :-)

annelab said...

hey wait a minute, you have sisters. what am i, chopped liver? this is the best we get, sis.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Taylor!
You have sisters all over the world, remember!?
Your pages are getting better and better,
where will it end:)
Especially like the one where you and your mother are sitting in those fab huge chairs!
Have a great weekend