Sunday, March 20, 2011

half and half

First off I want to thank you friends who offered me positive and kind words on my last blog post. It means a lot to me. Things are going well. I like these two journal pages but am wondering if this journal may be turning out to be bit too small. I really liked the idea of carrying out a black and white theme throughout the book but as you can see it didn't happen that way. Maybe after Misty's black and white class at Artfest.

I promised you a mini tour and here it is. We are still getting settled. Love this picture Chloe took of me. Not sure how she did it. Maybe I was spinning and dancing and didn't even know it?

This one was my makeshift window curtain in the bathroom. I doubt anyone was looking but shower taking was a bit show offy. Since than I have added a real curtain type of thing.

I haven't gotten all my art stuff and storage is not abundant so I have these three trays/boxes to keep my stuff all together. That way I can carry it around to the room I want to work in. One is art/writing, another sewing and the last jewelry. Guys you have to know I have way more than this but these were the essentials.

Teacher work day tomorrow and I will spend most of it adding water to all my earth clay to try and soften it up. Second grade will be making pinch pots (one second grader when we were practicing the pots made a cooking pot instead. It was pretty funny and well done). Hope you all had a great weekend.


Marcia said...

For the clay problem.. how dry is it? Is it totally dry as a rock or just a little bit too hard? What i would do in either situation is leave it in the plastic bag (don't even bother cutting it up, unless you need the clay very soon) and pour in about a cup or so of water right on top. Let it sit overnight and check every few days or so. After a while (week maybe?) it will become softened. You can check it every day or so and add more water as needed. It will soften it up, but it might take some time. good luck1

Diane Foster said...

love the black and white with just a touch of colour Taylor! adds drama. The new home is looking good - best to keep your favourite crafting things to hand - a girl cant exist without creative supplies for long!

jone hallmark said...

Your new digs are darling!!!
What a great house!

Been thinking about you and this new reality......
I like the idea of "black & white" with just spots of color here and there as emphasis....whadya think?

hmmm, just read Di's entry - great minds DO think alike!

love to you and Chloe!