Saturday, March 26, 2011

Small pages full

Another day with my sewing machine sitting idle on the table. Not sure why I am not playing with it as I expected. Things are going well here. Journal pages are slowly dancing with color instead of black and white. The first page has me and my mom sitting on the big chairs.

Here is my new working desk. Look how big and clean it is compared to the previous table. It is very inviting to have so much more space to work on.

Gathering for Artfest.
Softened up that clay just a bit with tons of water. It is hard work chunking off clay pieces from a 25 pound block of semi hard clay. Most students got there clay blob formed into a pinch pot without too much cracking. Unfortunately my artist who made the practice kitchen pot was not able to turn his clay into anything and gave up. I was sad about that. Fifth graders did some very amusing portraits of me. I'll try and post one or two next time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

half and half

First off I want to thank you friends who offered me positive and kind words on my last blog post. It means a lot to me. Things are going well. I like these two journal pages but am wondering if this journal may be turning out to be bit too small. I really liked the idea of carrying out a black and white theme throughout the book but as you can see it didn't happen that way. Maybe after Misty's black and white class at Artfest.

I promised you a mini tour and here it is. We are still getting settled. Love this picture Chloe took of me. Not sure how she did it. Maybe I was spinning and dancing and didn't even know it?

This one was my makeshift window curtain in the bathroom. I doubt anyone was looking but shower taking was a bit show offy. Since than I have added a real curtain type of thing.

I haven't gotten all my art stuff and storage is not abundant so I have these three trays/boxes to keep my stuff all together. That way I can carry it around to the room I want to work in. One is art/writing, another sewing and the last jewelry. Guys you have to know I have way more than this but these were the essentials.

Teacher work day tomorrow and I will spend most of it adding water to all my earth clay to try and soften it up. Second grade will be making pinch pots (one second grader when we were practicing the pots made a cooking pot instead. It was pretty funny and well done). Hope you all had a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Full bags

Well it took a lot of umpf and lolligagging but Chloe and I have moved into a new home. It just had to happen and I was finally brave enough to do it. It meant looking at all of this stuff and knowing somehow it will get done

and it also will take a lot of unpacking ( a small amount of Chloe's stuff- could she take after her mother?)

but it will be good. I miss my house but I like not having to worry so much about dinners and cleaning up (I even gave Chloe some chores) and most important I welcome the time to be me again.
This weekend I will give you a short inside tour and hopefully have a journal page ready to post so please come back soon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Ellen full

This posting all has to do with my friend Ellen. I met Ellen because we were both going to Artfest one year(years ago it seems) and were on the yahoo artfest group. We decided to meet before Artfest and than discovered we were taking the same plane to Seattle. Ellen is probably my only art friend in South Carolina and she is always making cool stuff in many media- even food. Last Sunday I went over to her house and played around with free motion sewing. I finally caught on to the technique. These are my first two trys. Still working on the woman(my Aunt Leda). Not sure if I should have filled in the hair or not. It sort of looks more like Ellen than my Aunt with the hair filled in.
And then while I was at her house I just had to take a photo of her beautiful buttons that I will lust over until eternity.

And guess what.. Ellen's husband Ed is an artist too. He is an excellent painter but is good at most anything artistic. Her made me this rabbit. I think it's pretty cool. Oh and he is just as nice as Ellen (but not as good in the kitchen).
Thanks Ellen (and Ed) for being such a wonderful friend.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fulled up

My journal is finally finished and I am ready to go on to the new one!!! I had to go back and fix up the collage woman face page

and work on the blue squiggly line page which has been sitting vacant in the journal for years.

It has taken longer than I suspected as the journal was originally called the 365 page journal since I had planned to do a new page everyday. Well not quite(hmm maybe anew page very month?) but it's done. I have already started my new one. So far everything is in black and white and I am deciding if I should keep it that way(even though I love color). It is pretty cool in just b and w. Sewing tomorrow if I'm lucky...