Sunday, February 13, 2011

somewhat half full

Here I am again. Glad you are too.
More journal pages. Think I should get back to sewing for awhile or the famous jewelry adventure I am suppose to start.
So doesn't anyone want to go with me to the dotty angel workshop in England? I know it will be fun. Please. We can stop off at all the cool shops in London. I am a research queen so I will be sure to find all the great places to shop and eat.

Here is my new monkey. His given name is so bad, Jocko, that I think I shall keep it. Chloe seems to have something against the poor monkey and is forever torturing him. I have to hide him. It's very sad.
This may be the week I start clay with my students. I love having them work with clay and they love it too, but it isn't easy to start 28 kids on a project(sometimes under the age of 8) and clean up all in 40 minutes. Now I just have to figure out which grade to start with. Sometimes I think I should just do clay with everyone at one time, but I sense that could be a nightmare in more than one way.
Oh yeah, hope you have a good Valentine's Day tomorrow. Wear that pink, red, and white and tell your sugarcake something sweet. xxoo.

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PaperPumpkin said...

Cute Monkey. My husband has always collected monkey things. Going to Englad sounds like so much fun. I bet you're a great researcher!