Sunday, February 20, 2011

not full of food

To say my throat is bothering me is an understatement. The only thing good I can think of about this throat thing is that I may lose a few pounds. Swallowing anything is agony. It's been going on now for about four days. ENT doctor, who wears a bow tie, is clueless to the problem. No samples for me at Costco today. Glad I am not in Italy right now. Hopefully soon I can eat, drink, and be merry again.

Yeah tried to come up with inspiration this weekend but so far nothing is calling to me(except several too many magazines that I bought at B and N and a new book- The Elemental Journal.) I still have a day to make some things, if I put off paying taxes. Which would you pick?

This is how my poor monkey was found hanging in my closet AFTER I allowed darling(?) daughter to borrow two articles of clothing. I even feel bad posting this neglectful photo, but you have to know what I am up against. Can you believe how cruel she is? I guess she thinks I love the monkey better than her. Maybe I do? (No, just kidding). Have a good week and wish good thoughts for the poor monkey.

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Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I wish good thoughts for you AND the monkey!
How is your throat now?
If you have a look among the comments on my blog you will have an answer about the "naughty mice"!