Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full of Sunshine

This weekend is making me think Spring is here, but I know there is probably some coldness left to return. Still I cannot wait for Spring to arrive even with it's pollen glory.

I can't believe that my journal is almost finished. One more page and than I get to start another one. My friends at Artfest will be shocked when they don't have to look at the same pages once again this April during journal night.
My throat is almost better which is great because I discovered a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor- Maple with blondie brownies and carmel. I didn't buy it yet but I sure am thinking about it. I am a maple girl. Should have probably married a Vermont sugar guy who had a cow or two. (Yeah I AM reading The Pioneer Woman book) Okay enough lusting for love and maple.

Chloe is bugging me to go to the pool with her and tan. (That will be the day) Maybe I should offer to let her take the monkey instead. Hmm perhaps not. I don't think chlorine would do well on his fur.
Making dinner with black rice tonight. Have never used it before. It seems to be all the rage, but not too easy to find. Whole Foods was the place. also found some $2.99 wine there that I really like (Three Wishes). If you have a fine palette it may not be for you but it works well for my one a day. Well almost time to pour. Have a good week and leave me a little note if you have time. xxoo


laurie said...

i love that feeling of completing a journal, although i have several going at one time so i rarely ever get one done! hope you feel better soon.

Diane Foster said...

Hey Taylor! Glad u r on the mend! Loving your recent journal pages - this aqua coloured one is just glorious - loved the jar too! You are a constant source of inspiration! I'm completely 'token' obsessed since seeing the foundling exhibition - check out my blog! Have you tried the paper mâché yet? Your art classes sound great i'd love to join on! Xxdi