Sunday, February 6, 2011

Full of pieces

Hello again.
Another week has left me. I like how the jar page turned out in my journal. It is so simple and uncluttered. I'm a clutter gal who sometimes wishes she were not so full of abundance so I am pleased with this page and the colors I used. I had to saturate the colors on my scanner to make them show up on this page but they are actually much more muted.

Played around with my camera and my new bracelet (that I adore) for some possible blog photos but than decided to cut up most of the pictures and put them into the jar.

These are some of my bathroom art images that I look at when I brush my teeth and count the wrinkles (kidding). As a child I was obsessed with trolls so I was thrilled to find this Polaroid transfer of a troll with rabbit ears by artist Terry Berg.

Yey my favorite holiday is on the way. This week in art for the Kinders we are doing Valentine centers. Have to collect all my hearts and pink and red. Maybe some heart printing with the first grade wild things. Don't forget to start making your sweetie a Valentine- homemade is the best- I better get started on mine. hee hee.


Marcia said...

very cool journal page!

jone hallmark said...

It is really wonderful, Taylor, and un-cluttered and sooooo YOU!
It is a wonderful inspiration, truly.
I think I will have to make one, too, of parts of "me"

well done!