Wednesday, January 26, 2011

school full

Here are two pages from my school "1000 journals" project. These two students did a nice job working in the book. The journal is getting more popular these days. I think the students like seeing what others have created in the book.
The next picture is from a fifth grade art project where the students created a face from magazine pages. They come out really good. I wish I could show you them all. One picture I can see from the small window on my classroom door in my classroom and I always think it is a parent waiting to talk to me.

The last photo is one of the rooms a second grader created. We talked about van Gogh's painting of his bedroom in Arles and then they could make either their own bedroom or copy van Gogh's room. So that's it for this as promised posting. I'll be back soon with some art, hopefully by me.


PaperPumpkin said...

Kids and journals, yay! Great pages, great ideas!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

What a brilliant idea to make faces from old magazines!
Love the face and the expression!
How are you doing?
Would love to see the monkey Chloe is hiding;)