Sunday, January 16, 2011


My birthday is coming up and I want to live bolder and braver. I want to live with purpose- and find purpose (I guess that is the first step).
Here are the newest journal pages. First one is a self portrait. I tried to copy from a picture of me in Italy. I don't think it looks like me (more like Lorraine in a way) but I do think I did pretty well for me.
Why does the temperature say 59 degrees when it has been cold for so long? How can that be? Oh well I think I should should just gather a smile and use it.

The school 1000 journal is doing good, but just like any round robin it takes ages for the book to be returned. I will try to show pictures next time. Some students are really into it and others not.
Trying to get ready for my make jewelry mode. I tried once before and cried failure but am trying again. (You know be brave) Treated myself to some tools for my birthday.
Enjoy the week.


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Happy birthday Taylor!!!!
Hope You are having a great day!
The portrait looks like the new brave Taylor!
What kind of jewelry will You be making?

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Hope it was awesome and that all your birthday wished come true. We should all by ourselves some new tools on our birthdays--and some other "just because I want it" art supplies, too! Enjoy! Can't wait to see more journal pages.