Saturday, January 22, 2011

Full of me to my blog

Greetings lovely blog readers of mine,
Thanks for visiting. I love visitors- in real and virtual life.
I drew another self portrait from a photo. I do look old in the drawing but there is something I like about it. I'm afraid to say so, but I resemble my grandmother in the picture. Oh well it's the year of being brave and bold so here I am. I added feet and legs and they fold out when you open the page. The second picture shows the photo I used to copy my face, on the back of the fold out legs. That's Joy in the picture besides me in Chicago at Einstein bagels.

I got all my jewelry stuff so I guess I need to start on that. Even have a little space for my torch.

So yeah the birthday happened... none to spectacular but I am older.
Even have some pictures of the school journal that I will show in a few days. Don't want to overload you with pictures. Until then... au revoir

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PaperPumpkin said...

Happy Birthday, Friend! I LOVE your pictures! Hope your special day was happy and that you did something fun just for you. ~Kathy