Wednesday, December 28, 2011

full of impatience (hope I spelled it right this time)

 Oh no, not again. Sorry for the delay in blogging. The kidney stone procedure had a longer recovery period than I had anticipated. I think I am now thankfully back to normal. Not a fun thing to have a little kidney stone kicking around.
Impatiently waiting to get my copy of Artful Journaling so I can see my article in the flesh. Usually the magazines from Stampington come earlier than this, but since I am waiting ever so impatiently I guess it takes awhile.
 Journaling has been hard with the kidney stone, but I managed to get a few pages done. Really hoped to do a kidney stone page, but just like the stone- it wasn't moving along.

 This drawing was made by one of my second grade artists, Brooklynn (yes a double n). I think it has a very interesting look to it. She always comes up with interesting artwork.
Ah a glance at Portugal. Have my usual wanderlust for traveling, but I shall be busy in January with a mini trip to Seattle for a birthday gal celebration and than England at the end of the month. Remember to direct me to places to go in London. I have three Jamie Oliver restaurants on my list but think I must narrow down the field to one or two. Not sure which to pick. I guess I will have to try the Italian. Maybe 15 to see what is going on there. Trying to get Riley to apply to apprentice there but I  seem more eager then he.

Alas vacation is winding down. I have been lucky to have so much time off. Hope all is well for all my blog readers. Oh yes bracelet give away is now in session. Leave a comment and tell me the first thing you would do in London/England. A random winner will be picked On January 6 to win a bracelet hand crafted by me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I went to the farmer's market on Saturday morning and really enjoyed it. The vegetables were beautiful and it was a fun place to be.

I have been busy making these leather bracelets thanks to
My friend Ellen. I have many ideas for them. Also ready to attack a small bead bracelet project. Yay love when I have exciting projects to work on.

Vacation has started and I am ready with projects, reading, good food treats, and some DVDs. All I need is a trip. Tuesday, however, I will have to have out patient surgery. A bit worried about being put under. Hope I will recover quickly.
Paper Pumpkin Kathy: you're getting closer to your week. I feel for you.
Enjoy this busy week blogging friends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Semi halves

Looks like your little blogger friend has been delinquent again. I have been working in my journal- really, but nothing too blogable. Trying to get back into sewing and fabric but inspiration seems to be elsewhere- and not sure where that elsewhere is.

Today is the last step of our limoncello making except the chilling. Some spilled yesterday and I snuck a taste. Must say it was pretty good. Full report next week.

This is our last week of school for two weeks. Wondering what to do for two weeks. Any ideas? May drive up to NYC with my cousin. Don't you love this picture created by second grader Gus?
Hope y'all (my new favorite word) have a great week. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

trying to be half full

 Hope Thanksgiving brought lots of togetherness for many. It's never been my favorite holiday due to so many family issues, but I muddled through thanks to my friend Janet. She always brings out my best humor. Love the colors in this abstract flower/leaf page.

 I did get some journaling done this break from school time and lots of reading. Still deciding if I should be making presents and what they should be. Ideas anyone? I always seem to figure it out a day before the necessary date. This page is one that opens up so I thought I should show both views.

 Here's what I did and did not do during the Thanksgiving break. Also tried to figure out where I might go for Christmas break. Did you know it's almost $3,000 to fly from Charleston to Maui? Scratch that off the list... Have a good week and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ah delinquent no longer and back in the swing. Hope you had a good week. Well it looks official, I will be in the January issue of Artful Journaling. Interesting the pages they selected.

I seem to be going towards the purple and green colors these days. Not sure why that is. Maybe all the green paint I seem to have...
Yesterday I went to my new Italian friend Antoinette's house to make Italian cookies with her and Lori from our class. We made Italian love knots (lots of lemon in them)  and some way too chocolate ones for me. It was fun listening to Italian music, eating an Italian type lunch (complete with Chianti) and laughing a lot. We even drunk a pre lunch jigger of limoncello. Next Italian adventure will be at my house to make limoncello, although I thought grapefruitcello could be interesting.

Rock bucket picture is from Portugal. Still have a lot of never before viewed pictures from Portugal so thought I would show one or two when I have space. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week. There is so much I am thankful for. Could be a good journal page for the week...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back at half full

Hello from the delinquent blogger,
Here I am back again with some stuff to show although I am not wild over any of it. That's why I am trying to transfer to the state of positive pink. That is my goal starting... now. Maybe I will even wear pink all week. Pink makes me happy so here's hoping...
Listening to The Night Circus this weekend on audio and it is wonderful. I think I may have to even read the book. My friend Kelly the book guru recommended it. She always knows a good book.

This page was for drawing practice. Drinking my coffee every morning with heavy cream (yup you heard that right) and vanilla syrup is my biggest treat.

Today I managed to make granola and a berry crostata as I listened to the The Night Circus. May need to get into the kitchen more often to practice my cooking skills- although baking has never been my strong point. You know all the exactness one must follow doesn't work with me. 
Hope you have a great week. I'll be sashaying  in pink.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

full half

 Not too much to show this weekend. Working on some other stuff but it's not here. Weekend was nice and relaxing. Saturday was pajama day until I went to my Italian group's pizza cook off. Carlo made a wicked pizza although I was forced to eat bacon- yikes. Today Riley and I made a mighty tasty kale, tomato, and white bean soup. It was nice to be cooking again. Then he helped me practice my Italian as he planned his puzzle party.

At last we are back to art studio work in the art room. I am glad the students can now work on their own projects again, although I must say they did a wonderful job on these more directed projects. I will miss the panda bears. Oops this painting is upside down- but at least it doesn't have spelling errors. Too impatient to look up the spelling of patience. Yes that would be me...
Have a great week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


 Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We had some wonderful weather Saturday and Sunday but the house had a chill to it. Still there is no way I will turn on the heat when it's 65 degrees outside.
So that great blog template Teesha used didn't work so well on my blog. I only had it up for less than 24 hours before I had to change it, but I did switch the background color to my favorite Sally Jean blue- or close to it. Going to try the template again soon. It is really cool.
Here are some dessert drawings compliments of the second graders. Love the colors.

I was looking at my pictures from Portugal and wanted to use this picture of me dancing on the beach. I was so happy when we got to this beach. It was so beautiful and I was relieved to see nature and beauty after some hectic times. We had a lot of camera action there.

This page has some really cool vibrant colors but they don't show up too well on the blog. Ah if I only could learn patience. I wonder what my life would be like if I could be patient. Still muddling through Italian classes so I guess I am being a little patient. I hope the teacher will be patient with my pronunciation skills. Time to say arrivederci, comments welcome.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

full of templates?

 Hello Blog Readers. Here I am back with more art to show you. Teesha mentioned a new blog template on blogger so I am trying it. Not sure how it will work yet- or if it will work, but it looked cool on her blog. Then again everything looks cool on her blog. Also, I just noticed there is no preview button today so I can't check and see how this posting will look before I press Publish Post. Sorry if it looks odd.

 I used a piece of vellum over my journal page above and I am really enjoying the things I can do with a clear overlay. On another page I didn't like the painting I made of myself so I added some vellum and drew another picture over it. Coolzo.

I'm not really in love with this page. Too random. I like parts but ahh not my finest. I guess I could put a piece of vellum over it...
 Hooray we are almost done with our fund raiser which means the students can soon create art of their own choice, but still these flower watercolors came out pretty nice if I do say so myself.
And here is another beautiful picture of me drawn by a third grader. I really wish I could get a make over and look like her. Those lips are of model quality.
Nice weather has returned which makes me so happy. Have a great week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 I have been working on a lot of journal pages theses past two weeks. I don't know if it is to avoid studying Italian or it's just what I need to do, but I haven't done so many pages in a long time.

Nothing to really report. I finished the crostini(sad), wrote my article for Artful Journaling, Ordered some copic markers, actually made a real dinner for myself.... nothing earth shattering, but I am doing good. How about you?

Some girls in third grade came into class on Thursday with portraits of me. It made my day. Here is one. Love my pants and glad to see she designed me a pink apron to get rid of the usual orange one that I wear. I will show a few more next week next time.
Has anyone been to Bath, England? If so, should I go for a short weekend while I am in England? It looks like a crafty type of town according to my favorite mollie makes.
Have a great week. I think I will be singing in the rain according to the weather guide.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lightly full

Thank you everyone for your kind words of congratulations to my news about being in Artful Journaling. I was glad I could share it with those who knew what I was talking about.

 My newest journal page is reminding me to take this week lightly. Lots to think about and I think that is what I need to do- just think. No action. The beach is a good thinking spot for me so I hope to get myself there tomorrow after school. It has been a bit chilly here since Saturday, but it should be warm enough for beach pondering.
 Look what my friend Ellen helped me make. It's a crostini filled with black, blue, and raspberries and is very addicting. Too bad I will have to eat this whole thing by myself. Yum.

 I'm taking an online class with Teresa Mcfayden on copic markers. I have collected quite a few and like them but don't really know how to use them. Since doodling is one of my favorite things I thought this class may help me. So far we have made some cute color swatches. Looks like my collection is a bit limited.

Oh I am so in love with these Kindergarten panda bears drawings. I do not want to give them back. They make me smile non-stop.
This is my show and tell for the week. Now back to Italian practice. Ciao.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Half famous (not really)

 Big news: I am going to be in Artful Journaling!!!(If I write the 800 word article). I am pretty excited and mystified as to which journal pages they will use in the article. I am not sure which issue it will be, but will let you know when I find out.
These two pages are from the new journal I bought with pages bigger than my normal little book. I like the size very much. Not too big or too small.

My Italian class is keeping me very busy. Not sure what I was thinking when I signed up, but maybe a return trip to Italy this summer is in the making. Carlos, the instructor keeps telling us it's going to get harder- seems pretty complex as it is. I do not do good with auditory things or memorization so this is a challenge.

Another beach picture for you. I have been going to this beach at Sullivan's Island fairly frequently on Saturdays, late afternoon and the amazing thing is that every time I go it looks different. Sometimes the water is so calm and other times roaring. The same goes for the wind. Didn't go today, but hope to get there next Saturday. Hope everyone is well. Thanks for visiting. Ciao.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

two pages full

 I really love how this page turned out. The face was even better before I decided to add black pencil line but still I am really happy with the page. Yay. Now I just have to work on drawing me so I look like me. I think the pick background helped with the face.

I like how this page came out too except it is a bit busy. Didn't know what to do with all the white background, but I liked drawing on a white paper versus a colored paper. My friend Joni sent me some sweet gifties wrapped in paper that went well with this page so I cut out some of the shapes and flowers to add to the background. What else could I have done to fill up the background? I tried drawing in a background on the top left but things than got really busy. Love the colors- especially in real life. Both pages from my Pam G. journal book with big pages. Think it is time to visit small journal again.

Ah the beach again in Florida. Isn't the water beautiful? All those blues and greens. OOh la la.
Still trying to grasp on to the last of summer but it's speeding by with cooler weather.
Poor Lorraine- no handmade gift yet, but I still have a few hours on this beautiful Sunday. Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for all the comments. I love hearing from you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No longer full of summer

Alas Summer is officially over. No more long weekends or anything until Thanksgiving. I yi yi. I had a great summer traveling and seeing friends and was kept very busy which I loved. I always love summer but this one was extra good.
This is a picture of my stash box of things I collected mostly just this summer. I hope to use these things in projects but they are fun to just look at as well.

Trying to work on some more artwork but have been busy running around. I guess now that summer is over I may have time to buckle down and work on more things. Lorraine's birthday gift is first in line and than Joy's. Oh boy nothing like having tons of fall birthday friends.
School is going well and the fifth graders are really excited about the art journal they can bring home- even the boys. I think I may have to buy two more to pass out. Also started a blog about my art room. If you are interested in viewing it let me know and I'll give you the site address.
Trying to get ready for my trip to London. If you have any places, shops, bed and breakfast/hotels to recommend please let me know. I can't wait to get there.
Time to go visit my juicer. Hope all my readers are well and happy. More soon. xxoo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Full not oh art journal pages

So sorry for the long wait for this post. I have been trying to finish some Pam Garrison pages that I started in her class, but haven't completed them . The pages in my book are big and I am having a hard time converting to Pam's style. I know my style is me and that is what I will ultimately stick to but I wanted to challenge myself and try to make a page (or two) like her. I am stumped. (Which is okay) So here is what I have so far.

You can tell that this page is so much more me than Pam. I loved watching Pam easily write out anything in her beautiful handwriting. It was amazing.  Hopefully next time these pages will be finished but no promises. School has begun and they are keeping me busy with 8 classes a day. Perhaps that's why I could easily call it a night at 5 PM.

It was great seeing Lorraine and Renee at the Pam Garrison class. I spent Saturday at the beach watching the waves and surfers. It was really beautiful and calming. On Sunday I got a green juice concoction at the health food store which tempted me to purchase a juicer. So far so good. That juice bar had some amazing smoothies mixtures. One cost $16.50 for a glass.

Also saw this nice and shiny Airstream. I am wondering if I should follow what I love and buy one. I love these trailers and somewhat lust to have one. Even when I was a child I loved campers. I think I only played with my Barbies because they had a cool camper. So maybe... An air stream art studio would be the best.
Okay I have to  click publish because I somehow have a draft copy of this posting already up and I want to get rid of it. (after just seeing a preview of this  "new" posting, it looks like I have a mess on my hands- sorry about formatting etc. I am not sure I even have a title. The title is Full not oh art journal pages.
Hope everyone is well and crafty.