Saturday, December 18, 2010


Love these two with their legs sticking out. Thinking about adding arms next.

So excited that vacation has begun, even if It has been raining steadily since yesterday. Almost finished making all my gifts. Next stop Monday morning postal line blues. Only other thing I have to do soon is make the scones I bought all the ingredients for. When I lived in Berkeley, CA I used to indulge myself with a scone from the Cheeseboard Collective, a cheese and bread place on Shattuck Avenue and than a latte at the French Cafe. Those were the days ( pre-Starbucks I might add). Anyway I thought fondly of those scones last week and found the recipe, but need to make them before the buttermilk gets sour- but isn't it already sour?

Journal pages here too. Big time art blog entry.
Next project is going through my at least 500 children's books to send most to my friend Loreen in South Africa who would welcome them at her school. So hard to get rid of but I think it is time to say good-bye to some of them. James Marshall, William Steig, Olivia the pig and others will be staying.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I love when you post. They make me happy. :)

jone hallmark said...

fa la la la
Love your most recent pages....(nice to see "ragtales" in there.

I'm feeling a little like a loser - done nothing for anyone outside my family....sigh.....

Hope your holidays are merry and bright, though...and not too wet.
Love to you, Taylor!