Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full of the neighborhood

Welcome to my neighborhood. The other week I decided to walk to the grocery store and take some pictures on the "long cut" to the store. It's quite beautiful here when not too hot and buggy or cold and rainy. We live besides the Wando River and near many marshes where boats can mosey on by when the tide is high.

Working hard on my sewing. I have many faces almost completed- just adding the embellishments. I'll be showing some of them in the next blog report.

Today I spent 3 hours with daughter shopping at the malls. Blah. She had birthday money to spend. ( I kept suggesting she save it for a car fund but nope.. nothing to wear...) I think the older I get the less interested I am in mall shopping(notice clarification of mall shopping) . Besides everything at the mall that annoys me it's walking by the pretzel booth that really makes the experience short of wonderful. Why do they always smell so good?
Well I am off to pay the bills, make no knead bread, tortellini soup and do some sewing. Have a great week creating something, I hope.


Jill Holmes said...

I love your photos of your neighborhood. I think sometimes that we miss all the really cool things right next door. It doesn't look so different from mine--except for the port in the background. I don't live so close to our local port.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Your neighborhood looks very inviting!
I agree with you about the malls,
I get nervous especially in the company of my teenage daughter:)
Have a great weekend