Saturday, November 6, 2010

slight journalfull

Here's my cute little house that in fact is not for sale. So sad, not that I could have bought it, but it was a nice fantasy.

Worked on some journal pages this week. Amazingly I have two to show. I think I would be doing more but alas it has finally become cold in South Carolina so I am almost in my hibernating mode. You laugh at me I am sure my Vermont and NY friends thinking I don't even know what cold is. Oh I know- that's why I live in South Carolina but I think I need an upgrade to an even warmer place.

The school journal is being passed around. I hope it is a success. We shall see. Luckily no one asked- do we have to do it?
OOH next Tuesday I get to sample the supposedly most incredible brownies at Family Math Night. I can not wait to try one.
That's about it except I do recommend Cline wine- the red one was very tasty.

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