Sunday, November 14, 2010


No art by me this week, but my busy artist students have been working hard on their work. I had the third grade do these torn paper collage animals just as an exercise to practice using the collage materials (glue!) and most of them came out really good. Can't get the color correct on the cow. It has a very pink nose and utter. Turns out the boy's sister is crazy over cows.

Here are two self portraits. I love the self portraits the most of everything they do. These are both by second graders.

The pass around journal seems to be going well, but slow. The first artist did a great job on her two pages. Artist number two is taking some time but hopefully she finished and has passed the journal on.
Ah my wisteria. How I miss the spring. Winter and cold is not for me.

I am actually about to start an art project- holiday gift thing that I am quite excited about. Today I hope to make the prototype and I will show it to you devoted readers ASAP. And off I go to start (after laundry, bills, child pick-up... no I'm going now to start... really). Have a great week.

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Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Great cow, great art!
Lots of love