Saturday, October 2, 2010

full to do

Woo hoo (rhymes with moo moo) - Here's what a gal buys at the store for her weekend alone. It is such a thrill to be home alone. I can leave stuff out, buy ice cream and know it will be there the next day, plan my very own non chauffeuring day... it's amazing.
Only problem was with my wine when I realized that I did not have a corkscrew so I had to trudge back to the grocery store to buy one. This after being a good citizen and walking to the store (and taking pictures of my town) to avoid using the automobile all day. Ah well c'est la vie.

Love how this mostly red journal page came out on the top of the post.

I made this Queen picture for two teachers at my school who are expecting a Khloe Elizabeth (How did they know my Chloe's middle name was Elizabeth too?). I put it in a wild van Gogh Iris frame. Hope they liked it.

So next on my list for today is organize for NYC next week-end and to finish up some other art stuff. Tofu for dinner. You may be cringing at that but I love tofu. Hope you are having a great weekend aussi.


PaperPumpkin said...

I just love this! Your work is so wonderful. That ice cream..oh! I have been thinking about you, thank you again for your kind help. I am getting my students slowly into journaling, and getting them excited. A little book suddenly came to me the other day, and it was the perfect book to fall into my lap, a great way to introduce art journaling to children by reading a short little picture book. I t is "The Turning of the Year" by Bill Martin, Jr. It is an old (vintage now!) copy that I didn't even remember getting years ago. My students oooh-ed andd aaaaah-ed over the paint strokes...and the poem.

jone hallmark said... seem to be finding wonderful ways of taking care of yourself!
I wish that I could be in NYC with you next week so we could go to Becky's show together!
Have a wonderful time.

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS (though I know I don't need to tell you that, do I?)


Susan said...

Thanks so very, very much for the comment on my blog about my exhibition at City Gallery! It means the world to me that you thought enough about the show to go to this trouble!

I love your work! Great pages...also great profile picture in front of a gigantic mirror! Have a blast in NYC!