Thursday, October 28, 2010


Chicago was a fast but mostly pleasant trip. The purple ribbons on this tree symbolize the number of victims of domestic violence. Looking at all that purple in one place was quite amazing. Mostly it was a shopping trip for Chloe who had shopping depression once she ran out of money and no longer wanted to shop. Here she is with her goods in our hotel room.
We did not really buy anything from Juicy Couture. She saw the bag outside a hotel room and made ME take it- It was empty.
Poor Chloe was dragged to a vegan restaurant. Here is a picture of the carnivore with my father at a different restaurant that was half vegan/veggie, half meat called Earwax. She got a killer mocha milkshake. When my father got the vegan version it wasn't nearly as tasty. I doubt anyone from South Carolina would even go to a restaurant called Earwax.
I must confess, I snook off to the American Girl store for a few minutes which horrified Chloe. I love watching the little girls walking into that place. It is also good for entrepreneurial (is this word actually spelled correctly?) ideas. Now you can set up a time for a hair appointment for your doll and watch her get a new do. Some of the dolls came in looking very scraggly. I also got to see the new American Girl doll's semi-vintage trailer. I wish I could live in it.

I got to see my friend Joy for a few hours. She was in town for a family thing and we were both staying in the same part of town. We went to Sprinkles, a cupcake store with yet another cupcake line. I had a very delicious peanut butter and chocolate cupcake.
My family took Chloe and me to Second City and some of the skits were quite funny. Not all appropriate for a young lady of Chloe's age but I am sure she has seen similar on TV. I was also fortunate enough to go to a cool book/zine shop called Quimbys. And hence, Chloe was less fortunate to have to come with me. Would have liked to stay there longer...
This is my school journal page(almost finished) for a project I am starting at school based on the 1000 journal project. I will be sending this journal home with a different child each time for him/her to work in. (Families can help). I think I may also make one that will wander around school and when you find it you can take it home and work in it. I hope the kids will be as excited about this as I am.
So that's about it for this week. No trips for awhile a except to the throat doctor tomorrow.
Great week-ends to all.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Good luck at the doctor!!

LOVE the pic of Chloe and your Dad!! Too cute!!!! I don't know if too many people would eat at a restaurant called Earwax. I just asked David (who is sitting across from me) and Tristan (who is in his bedroom) answered with a loud, "NO!" I wasn't even asking him.

Looks like Chloe found some fun stuff. I hope you did, too!

LOVE your 1000 Journal Project idea with the kids!!! :D

jone hallmark said...

Your photos from Chicago are really nice.
The "purple" tree is impressive - though not necessarily in a positive way.....hard to believe, isn't it?
Love that Chloe made you pick up the bag - ha!

Earwax - yuk! Hope the food was better than the restaurant sounds (!) ...tee hee ......


PaperPumpkin said...

I love Chicago! Your shopping trip with your daughter is fun and funny!!! Earwax, NO.

Lisa said...

I love the journal project you are doing with your students...I am sure the pages will be fabulous.