Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A very full day in Paris

Bonjour mes amies,
Today we venture first to the Louvre. Lisa and I had a great time here as we started our self guided tour viewing the Northern European art wing where there were no crowds. Ah I love this period of art.

Lisa and I were both interested in finding some portraits of Marie Antoinette. A guard asked if we needed help so we asked were we could find any portraits of her. He put his hand to his neck and said something like, "Do you know what happened to her?" and made his hand pass through his neck as he said "Kapute." It was quite humorous (all week) and I guess that was why she wasn't represented at the museum. On the other hand, this guard did not know where the Spanish art collection was and we found it so maybe Marie is actually hanging on a wall somewhere at the Louvre.
Then it was off to the Italian Renaissance wing (you know where Mona Lisa hides out)where we were met with crowds as large as a Renaissance feast. Lucky for me, I prefer Early Renaissance but I still had to fight through several slow walking tour groups.
I was interested in finding my little Margarita painting in the Spanish gallery. On my last trip to the Louvre she was on loan. I almost didn't find her, but here she is:

Next Lisa and I decided to go to Angelina's for their world class hot chocolate. I yi yi. What was I thinking? Okay, first off it's like at least 80 degrees outside, second I am not a great fan of hot chocolate, third I don't usually drink too much at one time and fourth we had just eaten lunch. We each got our own pitcher of hot chocolate as rich as could be. It was good- well the first swallow or too. All I can say is if you are a chocolate freak order it on a cold day- other wise I recommend une glace instead.

The Japanese book store was the next stop and we were able to catch up with Renee there. (She had already been to the store and had bought some books. This was her second round.) Lots of oogling and credit cards being put to good use. Then it was a maze like walk to Ultra Mod for some beautiful ribbon.

More museums on the agenda as we went to the L'Orangerie to see Monet shine as well as some other wonderful Impressionist work. We were a bit tired so we slowly dragged ourselves home. Later that evening we went to the Pompidou art museum but someone read the times wrong (moi?) so we had to rush around and "see it all" in twenty minutes. I went back a few days later. Great views of Paris from this museum.
Fear not, only a few days left to this trip. I shall be back soon with the last installment of my summer vacation.


jone hallmark said...

what a lovely little visit!
thanks for the tour...I thoroughly enjoyed it.
(talk about a "quickie")

would like to go to L'Orangerie - my mom loved it best.
Did you do the Rodin?
That's my fave....


danielle hanson said...

looking at your pics made me so want to go back to Paris, especially as Julie A told me some great places to visit! If you ever want a return trip it would be a fab place for a pantry violet reunion n'est ce pas?
You also look so deeply content in all the photos...I could do with a bit of that!