Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fully Versailles

I really hate to leave the food blog but we must venture off to Versailles where I seem to have taken an abundance of photos. It was amazing to think about Marie Antoinette and others actually living in such a large estate. I wonder if Marie had even been in every room in the palace.
We patiently awaited noon so we could also see Marie's country retreat, another massive property that was incredible. I especially liked her "little" theatre. She had beautiful gardens on her grounds that are still tended today.

While on our visit I was able to practice my assertive skills when a woman tried to convince Renee to give up her Versailles map as she had lost hers. Reluctantly Renee did, but I could tell she was upset by this. I told her I would get it back and had no choice but to ask the woman for the map back. She did not want to budge so I had to use my french language skills to say, "Je regret," as I took the map back out of her hand.
This sign makes me laugh. Especially at Versailles where you just have to sit down every so often.
The gardens were quite beautiful and massive. I tried to find this cool grotto with a waterfall but it was closed due to a television production.
There were also many wonderful paintings along with drippy chandeliers, and wonderful wall murals inside the buildings. Ah next stop the Louvre and Angelina's for a spot of hot chocolate.


jone hallmark said...

wow......and I am proud of you fro using your skills and mustering up the courage to say "Je regret..."

Looks like it was a gorgeous day and you got the best of it all. Didn't make it to Versailles, myself, but might the next time.

erwin said...

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Jill Holmes said...

Thank you for all of your travel posts. Looks like you all had a great time and got to see some wonderful and beautiful things. I loved your post about Versailles. I remember going there once. It is truly an awesome place.