Friday, September 10, 2010

Full and tasty

Did someone say food?
Look at these dream pastries. This is where we started our planned macaroon tasting tour where we would visit many bakeries of Paris to compare macaroons, but turns out that after this first tasting none of us were that crazy over them. Lisa and Renee had a thing for the pain au chocolat and I think I was favoring a bit of wine.

We tried to take a picture of the macaroons at Laduree but they said no pictures inside. Lisa was so upset she wouldn't even buy one there after that. We also tried the McDonald's macaroons. All in all they taste sort of the same and there are many more things that taste far better- like la glace. I had the most wonderful la glace at Berthilon. Worth the wait for a cone of apricot.And don't forget the gelato at Grom. C'est tres perfecto.

The best place was the Rose Cafe. Renee and I ate there three times and each time I ordered this fruit crumble which came with a delicious creme anglaise that tasted like eggnog. Oh that was a little piece of heaven for us.
ah the sweetness. Next is Versailles. avoir.


jone hallmark said...

That crumble - OMG!
And, my dear, don't you look so pretty and happy?

I think that the bakeries are much more beautiful to look at than to taste....but they ARE beautiful to LOOK AT!

I am loving going through Paris with you!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I have tasted the Berthilon ice cream too, not bad at all:)
Well, about the macaroons, I have had(for a very long time now) on a "to do list" to try to bake my own...