Sunday, September 5, 2010

First full day in Paris

Paris Paris who remembers Paris? I had to peek at Renee's blog to try and remember the order of Paris.
Okay so when we last left off, I had a happy reunion with my friends and was allowed inside the apartment.
The next morning we took off for the flea market. There was a lot to see there and we all managed to do some serious shopping. Even Renee got into the act of "combien?"

Next we rushed to Mamie Gateaux which has a small boutique and a cafe. We really went for the shopping, but the restaurant looked tres belle so we went inside to eat. (Oh the store was okay, but not like the flea market) I am sorry if I spelled the name wrong. I tried to get a menu to take home as a souvenir but the waitress was not keen on that and even when I asked to just look at it after we ordered it made her nervous and she promptly took back the menu- spots, food residue and all. Not so sure why those menus were so priceless.
We then walked back to our apartment stopping at the Bon Marche.

Later Lisa and Renee wanted to check out the Eiffel Tower. We arrived to quite a mob scene. Turns out it was the memorial celebration for Michael Jackson (faithful readers of my blog may recall that last year when I went with Chloe to Paris we got caught in a Michael Jackson parade due to his death, also by the Eiffel Tower). It was a mad house as you can see from these pictures. It was also the site of the World Cup massive TV screen to watch the soccer games.

Final stop on our first day was to a Thai restaurant which we found unsettling as we sat there as we were the ONLY people there, but the food wasn't that bad.

Readers, I have some sad news for you... I don't really have that many great pictures of Paris. I have a few more to show you but really nothing that spectacular. What a tease I was telling you Paris stuff would be soon and finally it arrives and isn't that breathtaking. Versailles seemed to be a heavy picture taking day and a few other places but nothing earth shattering. Sorry, but I shall keep at it.
Faithfully yours in Paris...

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Renee said...

you are sooooo funny - love re-living our adventure! oh my how quick I have forgotten some it since I didn't even recognize where we were in the Mamie Gateaux photo. Already seems like a long long long time ago! Did you have any photos of Nathalie Lété's atelier?
xoxx, R