Friday, September 10, 2010


Okay I am on a mission. Paris over by Sunday. I have to move on to Vermont and the present. I can't keep living in the past so I will be having posts galore (are these famous last words?).
Montmartre day: I was looking very forward to this day as I had never been and heard how great it was- you know the shopping, atmosphere and all. First we arrived at Sacre-Coeur, along with the rest of Paris and shuffled through the church. It could have been beautiful but I really feel these buildings lose their awe when the tourist shuffle happens. Anyway after we left we went to the equally touristy artist section where you can get a portrait drawn of your face or pick up a souvenir painting of Paris. I did like the fact that being here made me feel like I was in a technicolor movie from the 1950s, berets and all.

Next we had the never ending where should we eat question. (unknown to me there was a Rose Cafe quite near by) We ended up eating at some crepeish place with a french name that probably equalled something like bicycle tire. While it wasn't the best meal, things seemed okay until Lisa and I went upstairs to the rest room (see enclosed picture of me walking downstairs from the experience).

Lisa wanted to take a picture of one of the memorable stalls, but a rather drunk man came into the bathroom to relieve himself without closing the stall door and she thought that wouldn't be the best time to take a picture. Yes I can say it did at least leave us with a few laughs. We continued to walk down the hill but most of the shops seemed to no longer be there or not as I thought. There was one nice high end bocante that had some nice things. Lisa got a cute antique watercolor set. I almost bought a photo album with cute kid pictures but used a small amount of resistance. Yeah yeah not much excitement going on in this posting.
Fear not next post is food galore- now we're talkin'.

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jone hallmark said...

That staircase looks eerily familiar.....

I agree with you about how thing lose their "amazingness" when hoards of tourists file through.
...cattle call.....without much real interest, seemingly.

glad you made it through that meal....AND the bathroom (!) also glad that Lisa decided NOT to take a photo (!)