Thursday, August 26, 2010

unhopeful for a day

Welcome to Paris... well almost. First we have to get out of Venice.
I arrive at Marco Polo airport in Venice with plenty of time to spare to find out that the flight has been cancelled due to a strike. To put it sweetly nothing can be done and either I wait two more days in Venice and fly out than to Paris or take an Air France flight later that day for (yikes) 600 Euro. What is a gal to do when her friends are waiting for her in Paris? For some reason I do not have their phone number(left my phone at home) to let them know where I am and wifi will not work at the Marco Polo airport. Well I had no choice but to take the Air France flight 5 hours later (donations now being accepted- jk) of about a 45 minute duration.

Finally land in Paris and rush to get to the apartment. (Also in the back of my mind I am worried about not knowing the apartment number to the apartment in Paris once I get there.) Arrive at apartment and just as I had suspected, I have no idea how to get inside the apartment and find my friends. It is about 8 pm and I am feeling a little panicked standing outside on the street with my suitcase. It is also quite hot in Paris. A man opens the front door and I sneak in. Ah I am in this courtyard:
but now what do I do? There are 3 different buildings inside the courtyard. I yell, "Renee" several times (because it sounds frencher than Lisa) but there is no response. I sit and think. I try to use the free wifi with my Ipod. Nothing cooking. I wonder did the strike effect Lisa and Renee? Are they still in the USA and I am waiting for nothing? Hmm it's getting dark out... do I risk leaving the courtyard- where I guess I could sleep (note I am sitting on that little step) to find an internet cafe to email them? I keep yelling, "Renee." I hide my suitcase (well kind of hide it) and decide to venture outside the courtyard. I leave and try to figure out where an internet cafe could even be. I go up the block a bit and think not this way.. I go back towards the apartment and just as I pass the front door Lisa comes out for one last look. Never have I been happier to see her. I am saved. (They were about to go to sleep because of jet lag and planned to call the embassy in the morning). Turns out the apartment windows face out directly to where I was sitting in the courtyard but the curtains were closed.
And that is how I arrived in Paris. Just like me you will have to wait for the first days of Paris post. Sorry.
Note: We never found an internet cafe near our apartment until our last day in Paris.


jone hallmark said...

I remember getting off a train in Weisbaden, Germany very late one night at the age of 19...and all alone.
I only had to walk about two blocks in the dark, in the cold, with my suitcase.....but I finally found a hotel, of sorts. I felt very alone and very sorry for myself that night.

I am very glad that you found your friends! What a glorious reunion it must have been....and a good nite's sleep, for sure (and well worth the extra $$ - good decision)

Can't wait to hear about the "rest" of the trip!

Lisa said...

Bonjour! I love the story...lost and found:) Missing my chocolate croisants and gelato.

Kelly Kilmer said...

So glad that it was a happy ending! :)

Nicole Austin said...

wow, what an adventure! so glad everything worked out!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I had hyper-ventilated and lost hair of nervousness...
and not been myself for the rest of the trip........
now I want to hear the rest of the story...Paris!