Sunday, August 29, 2010


Aww, I know guys you were counting on Paris but I have been sewing all weekend and want to show you what I made. I promise you Paris is not going anywhere. I sewed so much yesterday my arm was sore when I went to bed.

This doll is a giftie for my friend Lorraine's birthday that was yesterday. I thought it fitting that I work on the project on the day she was celebrating. You can see the front and back view. She can decide which side is the front for her.

And ta da I finally finished my sampler to give to my so generous friend Ellen. This gift was due to her last December, but she is very patient. Some of the idea I got from Teresa's on line class, but than I deviated. I have trouble following someone else's ideas even though her sampler is gorgeous. I think I was pretty busy this weekend. Even managed to whip out two hunks of play dough for the kindergartners.

Thanks for the comments on my boring Can't Get to Paris post. Forgot to say I was slightly distracted on this day by the charming Alessandro that I met at the Marco Polo airport and had to help him get into Paris on the metro. Ooh la la


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See, Taylor, you are awesome....

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Nice post and cool blog!

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