Tuesday, August 3, 2010

not that full

Just a little something to make you glad you came back (well I hope so at least). Newest journal page. Color doesn't look the best but I still like it. The girl looks a bit off kilter and I sure can identify with that. I got hooked on this scrapbook paper/embellishment series by Brenda Walton(?). She has some images I really like in a hand made look. The bird is from the collection.
This silly sock monkey was found in Kentucky. He cracks me up but was too $$ to take home to join the others.
Soon soon soon I will write my Vermont posting as well as finish the trip to Italy and France. I know it's dragging on, but I shall get to it soon. Thanks again for visiting and your sparkling blue comments.


jone hallmark said...

I think this page may be my favorite of yours.
Your style is unique, Taylor and very playful and distinct. I agree with you about Brenda's work - she's got it! Lots of inspiration there.

Cute monkey, even though I am not really a "monkey girl"...

Looking forward to more posts about your trip - your photos are really nice.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I agree with Jone about one thing here,
I think it's one of my favourite pages,too!!!
But about the " monkey thing", I can not agree!
Ofcourse we are monkey girls;)
Lots of love to you and Jone!

danielle hanson said...

Have really been enjoying your beautiful pictures of your italian escape, it looks as if you had a ball! and you look so happy!
This sketchbook page is very cool too, I love the way you have written the words and the bird is wonderful!
Have been really busy with work since I got back from the course and so have been very lax about commenting and writing to you...
Thank you for posting so many comments on my blog and about my work, I very much value your feedback, will try to write more promise!