Sunday, August 15, 2010

never too full of Venice

Welcome to Venice. I am so thankful that my friend Pat agreed to go to with me even though it wasn't really part of her plan. I loved Venice and would live there in a heartbeat, although one waiter said I would be extremely bored. I don't know, he was also jealous of his brother who lived in Texas. Not me. Venice is beautiful and like a wonderful dream even with the tourist aspect. I felt like I was in a movie.

Pat and I managed to get lost no matter where we were going but that was part of the fun(and also why I am bringing map reader deluxe Renee with me next time).
Mostly we walked and boated around to many parts of the city. We had some delicious gelato. Sadly there were no memorable dinners (well memorable in a positive sense) but we just didn't know where to go. We saw the place we should have gone after we finished our last meal.

These pictures are from the market. Ah the produce looked delectable. Many photos were taken. I bought some baby strawberries and drooled over the tomatoes. There was also a huge variety of seafood. I have never seen so many octopi before.

I enjoyed visiting the Academy. There were some wonderful paintings there, many that I wanted to take home.

Ah Venice pictures and music describe it better than my words. I'll be back.


Renee said...

OMG Venice looks BEAUTIFUL . . . I will happily go and be your personal map reader. I wonder if waterways are marked the same way as streets on a map? Starting my Venice research right after I get NYC in my brain.
xoxx, R

Di said...

Fabulous photos of the staggeringly beautiful Venice - I share your love of Venice Taylor! If it wasn't fir the modern wires outside buildings when u turn a corner it's hard to believe u haven't been transported back to the 15th century isn't it! Next time put the fortuni museum on your list the Pleated silk and devore has never been equalled and they are producing on the original machines!
Lovely to see your Italian adventures on your blog I'm really enjoying your trip! Xxdi

jone hallmark said...

Your photos look like the pictures I have always seen...
I think it must be one of the most romantic places in the world.
I know how much you wanted to go there and I am so glad that you did! Maybe next time you will know right where to go to eat.
I think I need to send you "A Little Romance" to watch.