Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ah Roma, Roma what a busy city. Not my favorite, but I loved seeing the massive ruins everywhere. It was like being on a movie set. Walk down a side street and see a huge broken column just sitting there. Roma also had beautiful shoes.

I didn't get to the doll hospital in Naples, but my friend Ellen told me about this place in Rome. I walked by and tried to go inside. The man said he did not sell anything, but I asked if I could look around inside. I think he said yes and I didn't think I should take pictures. No doll arms to buy, but this window was intense. More unloved dolls- wait until you see my Paris collection. I guess I collected pictures of dogs and dolls on this trip.

This is the swanky hotel I stayed at in Rome. All the rooms were quite beautiful. I had trouble regulating the showers though and one night managed to flood the whole bathroom. I'm glad I wasn't kicked out.

This picture of me by the fountain has a twin. The other picture is of me when I was 6 in front of the same fountain. (I think it is called Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) I will scan it soon so you can see how I have grown. There was also a trip to the Vatican where I somehow developed some sleep illness and don't remember much about the 2 hour tour except it rained that day. I did enjoy the Sistine Chapel and hearing the guards fruitlessly tell the crowds no talking. Brought back to me my teaching days. Other sights were also seen in Rome and a good meal was had at Hostaria Del Moro in Trastevere. The mushrooms were incredible.
It seems so long ago that I was in Italy. Now school is ready to start and beautiful summer is ending for me.
I haven't forgotten about my gifts. Just a bit busy right now They will be back soon as well as Venice, Paris (10 days worth) and Vermont. Until than Ciao Bellas.


Renee said...

are you sure that bed wasn't in the palace at Versailles? the bed looks bigger than the whole apt in Paris! LOL

jone hallmark said...

oh, I think these photos make Roma look pretty fab.
it is just a big, dirty city, though, isn't it?

love your room in Roma and am looking forward to seeing the photo of you at 6 in front of the fountain...