Sunday, August 29, 2010


Aww, I know guys you were counting on Paris but I have been sewing all weekend and want to show you what I made. I promise you Paris is not going anywhere. I sewed so much yesterday my arm was sore when I went to bed.

This doll is a giftie for my friend Lorraine's birthday that was yesterday. I thought it fitting that I work on the project on the day she was celebrating. You can see the front and back view. She can decide which side is the front for her.

And ta da I finally finished my sampler to give to my so generous friend Ellen. This gift was due to her last December, but she is very patient. Some of the idea I got from Teresa's on line class, but than I deviated. I have trouble following someone else's ideas even though her sampler is gorgeous. I think I was pretty busy this weekend. Even managed to whip out two hunks of play dough for the kindergartners.

Thanks for the comments on my boring Can't Get to Paris post. Forgot to say I was slightly distracted on this day by the charming Alessandro that I met at the Marco Polo airport and had to help him get into Paris on the metro. Ooh la la

Thursday, August 26, 2010

unhopeful for a day

Welcome to Paris... well almost. First we have to get out of Venice.
I arrive at Marco Polo airport in Venice with plenty of time to spare to find out that the flight has been cancelled due to a strike. To put it sweetly nothing can be done and either I wait two more days in Venice and fly out than to Paris or take an Air France flight later that day for (yikes) 600 Euro. What is a gal to do when her friends are waiting for her in Paris? For some reason I do not have their phone number(left my phone at home) to let them know where I am and wifi will not work at the Marco Polo airport. Well I had no choice but to take the Air France flight 5 hours later (donations now being accepted- jk) of about a 45 minute duration.

Finally land in Paris and rush to get to the apartment. (Also in the back of my mind I am worried about not knowing the apartment number to the apartment in Paris once I get there.) Arrive at apartment and just as I had suspected, I have no idea how to get inside the apartment and find my friends. It is about 8 pm and I am feeling a little panicked standing outside on the street with my suitcase. It is also quite hot in Paris. A man opens the front door and I sneak in. Ah I am in this courtyard:
but now what do I do? There are 3 different buildings inside the courtyard. I yell, "Renee" several times (because it sounds frencher than Lisa) but there is no response. I sit and think. I try to use the free wifi with my Ipod. Nothing cooking. I wonder did the strike effect Lisa and Renee? Are they still in the USA and I am waiting for nothing? Hmm it's getting dark out... do I risk leaving the courtyard- where I guess I could sleep (note I am sitting on that little step) to find an internet cafe to email them? I keep yelling, "Renee." I hide my suitcase (well kind of hide it) and decide to venture outside the courtyard. I leave and try to figure out where an internet cafe could even be. I go up the block a bit and think not this way.. I go back towards the apartment and just as I pass the front door Lisa comes out for one last look. Never have I been happier to see her. I am saved. (They were about to go to sleep because of jet lag and planned to call the embassy in the morning). Turns out the apartment windows face out directly to where I was sitting in the courtyard but the curtains were closed.
And that is how I arrived in Paris. Just like me you will have to wait for the first days of Paris post. Sorry.
Note: We never found an internet cafe near our apartment until our last day in Paris.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Okay guys I'd say it is time for some more art on this blog so here is a big dose(or as big as you are going to get right now.) I know we still have Paris (lots and lots of Paris) and Vermont with some beautiful chicken pictures, but you will just have to be patient.
First page above is my secret page. It has secrets all around it, but I'll never tell.

This page is about my gaga over the saints these days. I feel the need to adopt my own saint. In Italy they are all portrayed so beautifully and look so different. Any ideas which one would be fitting for me?

This is the never ending stitching project that is a gift to someone. They may be in their 70s by the time I finish it. I know I don't have that much to do on it, but it seems to be a struggle. Chloe's orthodontist thinks I'm a sewing fanatic when the truth is I'm always bringing the same project.
Ah I am a working gal again as school has begun. I have decided to do my own 1000 journals project(but more like 5 journals) with my students. I am excited about it. Just have to find time to do the first pages of all the journals so they get the idea.
And that's about it until we meet in Paris. Au revoir.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

never too full of Venice

Welcome to Venice. I am so thankful that my friend Pat agreed to go to with me even though it wasn't really part of her plan. I loved Venice and would live there in a heartbeat, although one waiter said I would be extremely bored. I don't know, he was also jealous of his brother who lived in Texas. Not me. Venice is beautiful and like a wonderful dream even with the tourist aspect. I felt like I was in a movie.

Pat and I managed to get lost no matter where we were going but that was part of the fun(and also why I am bringing map reader deluxe Renee with me next time).
Mostly we walked and boated around to many parts of the city. We had some delicious gelato. Sadly there were no memorable dinners (well memorable in a positive sense) but we just didn't know where to go. We saw the place we should have gone after we finished our last meal.

These pictures are from the market. Ah the produce looked delectable. Many photos were taken. I bought some baby strawberries and drooled over the tomatoes. There was also a huge variety of seafood. I have never seen so many octopi before.

I enjoyed visiting the Academy. There were some wonderful paintings there, many that I wanted to take home.

Ah Venice pictures and music describe it better than my words. I'll be back.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mucho full

Well here I am in the companion photo that goes with the picture I posted last time. It's the same fountain, but I look a bit cuter as a five year old. That is my uncle who lived in Rome at the time.
For those of you how liked my swanky hotel in Rome here is a photo of a different room I stayed in. Actually the first room was the nicest but I didn't take a good picture of it. Maybe I will show it anyway one day.

The last photo is at Paestum- somewhat near the water buffalo.
Okay I'll try to be back soon for Venice and a gift. Right now I have to go learn how to draw Homer Simpson. Who would have thought that would be on my list of things to do. Ciao.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ah Roma, Roma what a busy city. Not my favorite, but I loved seeing the massive ruins everywhere. It was like being on a movie set. Walk down a side street and see a huge broken column just sitting there. Roma also had beautiful shoes.

I didn't get to the doll hospital in Naples, but my friend Ellen told me about this place in Rome. I walked by and tried to go inside. The man said he did not sell anything, but I asked if I could look around inside. I think he said yes and I didn't think I should take pictures. No doll arms to buy, but this window was intense. More unloved dolls- wait until you see my Paris collection. I guess I collected pictures of dogs and dolls on this trip.

This is the swanky hotel I stayed at in Rome. All the rooms were quite beautiful. I had trouble regulating the showers though and one night managed to flood the whole bathroom. I'm glad I wasn't kicked out.

This picture of me by the fountain has a twin. The other picture is of me when I was 6 in front of the same fountain. (I think it is called Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) I will scan it soon so you can see how I have grown. There was also a trip to the Vatican where I somehow developed some sleep illness and don't remember much about the 2 hour tour except it rained that day. I did enjoy the Sistine Chapel and hearing the guards fruitlessly tell the crowds no talking. Brought back to me my teaching days. Other sights were also seen in Rome and a good meal was had at Hostaria Del Moro in Trastevere. The mushrooms were incredible.
It seems so long ago that I was in Italy. Now school is ready to start and beautiful summer is ending for me.
I haven't forgotten about my gifts. Just a bit busy right now They will be back soon as well as Venice, Paris (10 days worth) and Vermont. Until than Ciao Bellas.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

not that full

Just a little something to make you glad you came back (well I hope so at least). Newest journal page. Color doesn't look the best but I still like it. The girl looks a bit off kilter and I sure can identify with that. I got hooked on this scrapbook paper/embellishment series by Brenda Walton(?). She has some images I really like in a hand made look. The bird is from the collection.
This silly sock monkey was found in Kentucky. He cracks me up but was too $$ to take home to join the others.
Soon soon soon I will write my Vermont posting as well as finish the trip to Italy and France. I know it's dragging on, but I shall get to it soon. Thanks again for visiting and your sparkling blue comments.