Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here is my little Italy book(below) and a journal page. I think the journal page needs a bit more work but thought you might want a change from all my photos. Next time I'll be covering the dogs of Pompeii. One of my best loved subjects(really).
Today I saw some cool looking Buffalo Mozzarella at Whole Foods. It was quite $$$, but I think I shall have to try it. After all, it is cheaper than going back to Italy. Ciao.


Elliott said...

Your journal is really pretty. I want to plan a trip to Italy now.

jone hallmark said...

I would love to sit and look at your Italy Journal - it looks magnificent.
Photos, comments....all of it.
I know that it will bring you pleasure as time goes on, to sit and ponder the pages.
I bet you will be returning to Venice!


Anonymous said...

you are the most charming bunny ever!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog :)
So many trips...
Did yoy already visit Portugal? ;)