Monday, July 12, 2010

Never too FULL of mozzarella

Okay here is the low down on the day I had waited months for, the reason I went to the Amalfi coast- to go visit the mozzarella farm. Well things did not start out great. We were very late for our appointment (accidents and traffic on the winding Amalfi roads equals wait time in motor vehicles- unless you are on a scooter or motorcycle) Anyway we got there and our tour person said we had probably missied the production so hurry up. We had 5 minute to watch the men make the cheese. It seemed kind of "cheesy" since we had to watch from a window and I was in a pouty mood about getting there late. Then as she explained how popular the cheese was she mentioned they were most likely sold out of m. cheese and we could not purchase any. WHAT? I probably shouted. I had planned to get some to go. She rushed to the salesroom to see and came back with a report that most likely they were sold out. Pouty face got even more pouty. If you have seen my pouty you know it is not an uplifting sight.
Next we headed to the inside pasture to meet the water buffaloes. I guess they were cute for what they were, but I wasn't oogling and hoping to bring one home with me. (just the cheese please). We waited around to see them enter the turnstile for the computer milking and watched them get a massage.

These water buffaloes have it pretty good I think for bovines. They can eat as often as they want as long as they go through the milking machine first.
Later we were treated to a delicious lunch with a salad containing the best tomatoes I have ever eaten, buffalo mozzarella, the most wonderful fresh ricotta and bread. I do think it was my favorite or second most favorite meal in Italy this trip. The woman also came back to report that there was still a kilo of cheese left so as I ran to the storeroom she said not to worry they would save it for me. I must say I think I was maybe a tinsy bit hysterical. For dessert we sampled the buffalo milk yogurt (very creamy) and gelato- fantastic. I walked out with my cheese happy that I had some for the next day (and the next day too...)
It was pretty interesting driving in this area of Italy because everywhere there were signs for buffalo mozzarella. Ideally where I should relocate to- but it didn't look to pretty on the roads.
I am not sure if this is before or after the buffalo licked my ear. All in all it was a nice outing, but I think I needed a longer time in my little heaven.


Lisa said...

Your expression cracks me up...I don't think I would like that licking my ear either.

jone hallmark said...


These photos are fabulous!
I think that you must have had the most remarkable time......

cute buffalo .........

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Really love the photo of you and your new friend,
do you have him on Facebook;)?

Anonymous said...

What's your new friend's name? Maybe your mozzarella came from her! I think she adores you - just like me.