Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full of dinner almost every night

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. Most of these pictures were taken in Positano. Did I tell you my mom had taken me to Positano when I was about 5? It was cool to go back although I don't remember being there. I must have whined about all the uphill walking. Positano is a wonderful little hill town. Not hill town like Tuscany but mammoth hills and small windy roads with fast crazy motorcyclists. A major issue on the trip seemed to be 4 potential to get car sick women and only 1-2 front seats.

The woman next to me in the picture is Nada or Nadaatalkalatte as I renamed her. She was a lot of fun and knew how to make us way to full after a meal. (note to Nada: I am afraid you are right- you do look like giant next to me).
The best things about Positano were the caffe lattes in the morning, beautiful flowers, limoncello, tomatoes, and scenery.

Stay tuned next time as I describe the outing to the mozzarella farm. We all know who wants to go there again...
ciao ciao ciao


Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Hi, my friend!
We missed you in Briançon!
The workshop was absolutely GREAT,
the renovated barn was awesome!
I promise that you will hear a lot about it:)
It looks like you had a great time in Italy,
did you travel alone or with friends?
Talk to you soon again

jone hallmark said...

Beautiful.... truly beautiful.....