Monday, July 26, 2010

Full day at Capri

Welcome to CAY-pri aka Capri, a beautiful island off the Amalfi Coast. We took a small boat from Positano to Capri, docked and took the funicular up to the main town, Capri. Most of us decided to take the beautiful but uphill walk to the ruins of Villa Jovis. This was where Emperor Tiberius lived long ago. He who a bit crazed and if he was upset at a servant he simply ordered someone to drop him off the cliff. Anyway the walk was hot yet beautiful and well worth it. When we got to Villa Jovis there was the most amazing breeze like built in outside air conditioning which was very cooling. We climbed higher and had a wonderful view from the top. On the way back down to Capri we stopped at a little cafe and I had one of the best drinks of my life. It was an iced tea (or maybe lemonade) with sliced peaches inside the glass. After drinking the beverage I was able to eat the peaches- sort of like a dessert. (Wish I had taken a picture) Later I walked down the rest of the way by myself so I could stop and finish the last of my buffalo mozzarella with some fresh tomatoes and bread. I almost felt like I lived in Italy sitting on a park bench greeting the old Italian men who walked by in Italian.

After Capri we went back to our boat and a few of us (not many) decided we wanted to participate in the Blue Grotto tourist trap. (Picture taken of Blue Grotto by photographer expertise Kate). The deal was for 12 Euros you take a small boat with a guide into a cave that reflects blue light. The guide is also suppose to sing to you (For more tips I assume.) Our guide only sang at the end, Ole Solo Mia of the two minute adventure. The scariest part is you have to sit/lay on the bottom of the boat and duck down as you go through the opening of the cave. I am surprised there have been no decapitations.

So that's Capri. Definitely worth the trip. Oh gosh I am way behind. There is still Roma, Venice, and Paris. I better get going with more postings. Stay tuned although a journal page may be next.


Renee said...

OMG the water is such a gorgeous blue! BEAUTIFUL! Really makes me want to take a vespa trip through Italy!

PaperPumpkin said...

That blue is gorgeous! I would have been scared to lie on the bottom of the boat, though! Love your photos, descriptions, writing...thank you for this journey!!

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Talya Raphaella (AKA Archangel Sandalphon) said...

How beautiful! As soon as I can get my husband to part with his precious photos, I'm going to follow your lead and post our travels too!

jone hallmark said...

I want to go through that cave - wow....
I think that Capri looks (and sounds) pretty fantastic.

Your photos are really nice, Taylor.So glad that you are letting us in on the tidbits.