Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog full

Pompeii was a very cool spot (well actually it was quite hot), but I fell in love with the dogs and neglected to take too many photos of the site. Dog photos I have, but not the ruins. It was quite amazing seeing a time etched in history so long ago. I can't imagine digging through so much ash and dirt to uncover an entire city.

Anyway the dogs. When we first got to Pompeii I noticed a sign about adopting dogs. Then while there, Tiffany and I discovered them roaming around the grounds. There was something about them all wandering that grabbed me and I fell in love. For the rest of the tour I focused on finding the dogs and photographing them.
When we got back to our hotel I researched how I could adopt one. They come with their own European passports and it seemed like they could travel to the US. These are abandoned dogs that are allowed to live in Pompeii as they practice living again with people. After about 3 months the adopter comes back to Pompeii to meet and get his/her dog and learn the dogs history. On the site you can see which dogs are still available. None of the cuties I photographed were still available, but there was a cute black one with big ears like a rabbit.

When back in SC I kept thinking about them (Oh big note: I am allergic to dogs so having one was really not in my lung's best interest, but I really wanted one). I emailed the foundation, but they told me that in reality the dogs of Pompeii could not relocate to the US and I should check my local shelter. I don't know... which would you pick an Italian dog or a Southern one? I was going to call him/her limoncello with Chi Chi as the nickname.
Oh so sad... au revoir Dogs of Pompeii.


Renee said...

Pompeii looks beautiful. What a let down that the US dog passport was a myth! SOOOOOO SAD but perhaps your lungs will be thankful! Love the name "limoncello" and Chi Chi too! Maybe you could buy a toy dog . . . think how much less upkeep there is on a toy - no vet bills, no food bill, no immunizations and you can travel without worrying about a kennel or dog sitter.
xoxx, R

jone hallmark said...

You can very easily fall in love with a dog here in the US. All shelters have fabulous dogs, and after Katrina, many of the found, orphaned dogs were sent all over the country to be adopted.
I have a husky/shepherd from the pound who is now 9 1/2 years old - my best friend. We also have a very registered Lab who is pretty fab, too. Still, shelters are the way to go, in my opinion. You can't go wrong with a dog.
As for your allergies, they say that it is possible that you can overcome animal allergies if it is your own pet - you somehow get immune to their dander. Don't know if it is really true, but worth looking into.

Good Luck! (from a dog-person)


ps. Nice photos in Pompeii.....