Monday, July 26, 2010

Full day at Capri

Welcome to CAY-pri aka Capri, a beautiful island off the Amalfi Coast. We took a small boat from Positano to Capri, docked and took the funicular up to the main town, Capri. Most of us decided to take the beautiful but uphill walk to the ruins of Villa Jovis. This was where Emperor Tiberius lived long ago. He who a bit crazed and if he was upset at a servant he simply ordered someone to drop him off the cliff. Anyway the walk was hot yet beautiful and well worth it. When we got to Villa Jovis there was the most amazing breeze like built in outside air conditioning which was very cooling. We climbed higher and had a wonderful view from the top. On the way back down to Capri we stopped at a little cafe and I had one of the best drinks of my life. It was an iced tea (or maybe lemonade) with sliced peaches inside the glass. After drinking the beverage I was able to eat the peaches- sort of like a dessert. (Wish I had taken a picture) Later I walked down the rest of the way by myself so I could stop and finish the last of my buffalo mozzarella with some fresh tomatoes and bread. I almost felt like I lived in Italy sitting on a park bench greeting the old Italian men who walked by in Italian.

After Capri we went back to our boat and a few of us (not many) decided we wanted to participate in the Blue Grotto tourist trap. (Picture taken of Blue Grotto by photographer expertise Kate). The deal was for 12 Euros you take a small boat with a guide into a cave that reflects blue light. The guide is also suppose to sing to you (For more tips I assume.) Our guide only sang at the end, Ole Solo Mia of the two minute adventure. The scariest part is you have to sit/lay on the bottom of the boat and duck down as you go through the opening of the cave. I am surprised there have been no decapitations.

So that's Capri. Definitely worth the trip. Oh gosh I am way behind. There is still Roma, Venice, and Paris. I better get going with more postings. Stay tuned although a journal page may be next.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

another giftful

Someone is getting a giftie. Yes, I am back to trying to make and send a gift a week. This one is an encaustic collage that I started at artfest but never finished until this week.
If you are a secret browser of my blog you may want to introduce yourself. You never know if maybe you could be the gifteee. (I'll ask for your address after you send greetings) You may have to be patient- but it's worth a try. After all I'm taking up crocheting (don't laugh Lisa and Renee) and I have some great ideas in my vision.

Other pictures here are of Italy. The one above is on the Positano coast. Get a look at those lemons and those are smaller than some we saw.

Next time we will travel to Capri. Hope to see you there. Remember your sun screen- not like some of us- oops.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog full

Pompeii was a very cool spot (well actually it was quite hot), but I fell in love with the dogs and neglected to take too many photos of the site. Dog photos I have, but not the ruins. It was quite amazing seeing a time etched in history so long ago. I can't imagine digging through so much ash and dirt to uncover an entire city.

Anyway the dogs. When we first got to Pompeii I noticed a sign about adopting dogs. Then while there, Tiffany and I discovered them roaming around the grounds. There was something about them all wandering that grabbed me and I fell in love. For the rest of the tour I focused on finding the dogs and photographing them.
When we got back to our hotel I researched how I could adopt one. They come with their own European passports and it seemed like they could travel to the US. These are abandoned dogs that are allowed to live in Pompeii as they practice living again with people. After about 3 months the adopter comes back to Pompeii to meet and get his/her dog and learn the dogs history. On the site you can see which dogs are still available. None of the cuties I photographed were still available, but there was a cute black one with big ears like a rabbit.

When back in SC I kept thinking about them (Oh big note: I am allergic to dogs so having one was really not in my lung's best interest, but I really wanted one). I emailed the foundation, but they told me that in reality the dogs of Pompeii could not relocate to the US and I should check my local shelter. I don't know... which would you pick an Italian dog or a Southern one? I was going to call him/her limoncello with Chi Chi as the nickname.
Oh so sad... au revoir Dogs of Pompeii.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here is my little Italy book(below) and a journal page. I think the journal page needs a bit more work but thought you might want a change from all my photos. Next time I'll be covering the dogs of Pompeii. One of my best loved subjects(really).
Today I saw some cool looking Buffalo Mozzarella at Whole Foods. It was quite $$$, but I think I shall have to try it. After all, it is cheaper than going back to Italy. Ciao.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Never too FULL of mozzarella

Okay here is the low down on the day I had waited months for, the reason I went to the Amalfi coast- to go visit the mozzarella farm. Well things did not start out great. We were very late for our appointment (accidents and traffic on the winding Amalfi roads equals wait time in motor vehicles- unless you are on a scooter or motorcycle) Anyway we got there and our tour person said we had probably missied the production so hurry up. We had 5 minute to watch the men make the cheese. It seemed kind of "cheesy" since we had to watch from a window and I was in a pouty mood about getting there late. Then as she explained how popular the cheese was she mentioned they were most likely sold out of m. cheese and we could not purchase any. WHAT? I probably shouted. I had planned to get some to go. She rushed to the salesroom to see and came back with a report that most likely they were sold out. Pouty face got even more pouty. If you have seen my pouty you know it is not an uplifting sight.
Next we headed to the inside pasture to meet the water buffaloes. I guess they were cute for what they were, but I wasn't oogling and hoping to bring one home with me. (just the cheese please). We waited around to see them enter the turnstile for the computer milking and watched them get a massage.

These water buffaloes have it pretty good I think for bovines. They can eat as often as they want as long as they go through the milking machine first.
Later we were treated to a delicious lunch with a salad containing the best tomatoes I have ever eaten, buffalo mozzarella, the most wonderful fresh ricotta and bread. I do think it was my favorite or second most favorite meal in Italy this trip. The woman also came back to report that there was still a kilo of cheese left so as I ran to the storeroom she said not to worry they would save it for me. I must say I think I was maybe a tinsy bit hysterical. For dessert we sampled the buffalo milk yogurt (very creamy) and gelato- fantastic. I walked out with my cheese happy that I had some for the next day (and the next day too...)
It was pretty interesting driving in this area of Italy because everywhere there were signs for buffalo mozzarella. Ideally where I should relocate to- but it didn't look to pretty on the roads.
I am not sure if this is before or after the buffalo licked my ear. All in all it was a nice outing, but I think I needed a longer time in my little heaven.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full of dinner almost every night

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. Most of these pictures were taken in Positano. Did I tell you my mom had taken me to Positano when I was about 5? It was cool to go back although I don't remember being there. I must have whined about all the uphill walking. Positano is a wonderful little hill town. Not hill town like Tuscany but mammoth hills and small windy roads with fast crazy motorcyclists. A major issue on the trip seemed to be 4 potential to get car sick women and only 1-2 front seats.

The woman next to me in the picture is Nada or Nadaatalkalatte as I renamed her. She was a lot of fun and knew how to make us way to full after a meal. (note to Nada: I am afraid you are right- you do look like giant next to me).
The best things about Positano were the caffe lattes in the morning, beautiful flowers, limoncello, tomatoes, and scenery.

Stay tuned next time as I describe the outing to the mozzarella farm. We all know who wants to go there again...
ciao ciao ciao

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Traveled full

Bonjour/Buon giorno,
I am finally back home and as much as I loved both places it feels welcoming to see the marshes and open spaces of South Carolina. It actually looks prettier than ever. I have lots to tell you about the trips, but don't know when I will get to it with unpacking, bills, restocking EVERY grocery item (umm... the family really did not buy any food items while I was gone) so it could be awhile.
First picture of me is goony but don't you love the pink Vespa?

Venice was everything I had imagined. Next time (and there will be a next time) I will be going with expert map reader Renee so I don't get as lost- although that was part of the fun.
Lots of fun times with Lisa and Renee in Paris. Renee saved everyday with her map reading skills and both of them always managed to direct me towards another pair of shoes. I may be catching up to Chloe(don't tell).
Unfortunately I created not one thing while away but I hope to make stuff this week based on the trip. I am kind of home bound with a cracked tire that won't be available for repair until Friday.
Back any day with more pictures and tales of travel.
au revoir/ciao