Monday, June 7, 2010


Still working on my Italian journal but I have made the cover and painted the pages. I found a picture of me in Rome when I was six that I put on the front cover and another of me in Positano for the back. That is my favorite part. It's going to be a chunky thing. I will have to find a heavy duty rubber band to keep it shut. I have put notes in it- especially about mozzarella places, how to get from the hotel to the airport and good shopping. Here is a not so good picture of the inside:

Renee made me a beautiful French journal that I had to gravel for, but now I think it might be too large to bring with all my other stuff. OOh she won't be happy. The countdown is almost here and I have to get packing. Do you think I can pack everything in a carry on? I hope so. I have to keep in mind that the less you bring the more you can bring back.

Gift of the week is an encaustic painting for a special friend who does the best job in making me laugh. No more handmade gifts for awhile due to the voyage. I hope to do some stitching while there so maybe when I come back(chuckle chuckle- do you think I will actually come back?) there will be some lucky gift getters. (is a gift getter better than a go getter?) Okay enough from me. Enjoy.


Renee said...

you are so funny - don't let Taylor kid you there was no graveling at all! You can use your Paris journal when you get back . . . LOVE your idea about taking less to leave room for more coming home! Hoping I can do it too. Bon Voyage - see you in Paris! oui oui

jone hallmark said...

When are you leaving?
Your journal looks great!
Travel safe - travel well.......
Can't wait to hear all about it!

Viva Italia!

Leda said...

hope the journal is leading to new and fascinating spots! it can't help but be beautiful there! u are missing a toasty summer. fill us in on the highlights! big hug and kiss from SC. xo Leda